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PS4 reveal Wednesday? Sony reveals another countdown video

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at 11:32am February 18 2013
Kaz with PS3

Sony has poured fuel on the fiery rumours that PS4 will be revealed this Wednesday (20th Feb) with a third ‘Evolution of PlayStation video’ – this one charting the rise of PS3.

PS4 will stream PS3 games & use a “higher fidelity” camera says Wall Street Journal

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at 11:26am February 18 2013
PS4 controller

According to the Wall Street Journal the PS4 will use a “streaming service designed to use current PlayStation 3 titles on the new console”.

PlayStation Meeting adds PS2 Evolution video – PS4 reveal due next week

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at 10:01am February 17 2013
ps2 evolution ps4

Sony have updated their PlayStation Meeting page with a second Evolution video focusing on the PS2. You can see where this is going can’t you? (It’s counting up to PS4!)

Is Evolution counting up to PS4? – PlayStation Meeting site updated with new video

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at 12:12pm February 16 2013
evolution featured ps3 ps1

The sign up page for February 20th’s PlayStation Meeting, rumoured to be the PS4 announcement, has updated with a video called Evolution. It’s s look back at the birth of the PS1. I think Sony’s building up to something.

A New PS4 controller shot appears – new headphone jack visible

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at 05:30pm February 15 2013
Ps4 controller

A second PlayStation 4 DualShock controller has leaked online. The first PS4 controller picture revealed a touchpad, Move integration and a speak/mic grill, this new image shows a headphone jack.

Who’ll make Wipeout for PS4? We weigh up candidates for Sony’s traditional launch game

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at 02:54pm February 15 2013

Future racer Wipeout has been one of Sony’s go-to launch games. Wherever there’s been new hardware there’s been new Wipout, so why would PS4 be any different? Except on August 2012, Studio Liverpool, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s flagship studio, one of the biggest in Sony’s Worldwide Studios family, and Wipeout developer, closed.

Rumor: first PS4 controller & dev kit image leak: touchpad, speaker & Move built in

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at 10:21pm February 14 2013
PS4 controller

Is this the first image of a PS4 controller? If it is then that’s a PlayStation 4 development kit in the background as well. The redesigned DualShock clearly shows the oft rumored touchpad and, more interestingly, what looks like a speaker grill.

New PS4 details, specs and launch date info leaks – Redesigned DualShock to feature touchpad

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at 04:46pm February 13 2013

New info on the rumoured PS4 have shed some light on potential hardware including a share button to distribute screens and footage online, a touchpad enabled controller and a EU launch date of early 2014.

PS4′s touchpad DualShock controller confirmed by third source. Share button debunked

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at 04:45pm February 13 2013
PS4 Dualshock touchpad controller

A third source is reporting the PS4 controller utilises a Vita style touchpad where the Start and Select buttons used to live. The same source also casts doubt on the presence of a central media Share button.

The PS4′s launch game line up – the usual suspects & potential candidates

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at 11:06am February 13 2013

With a PlayStation 4 reveal looking imminent within the week we line potential candidates for a PS4 launch line up? Based on rumours, investor calls and suspicious silences here are the games we suspect could be starting up next-gen gaming.

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