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PS4′s PC architecture “what developers wanted” says Sony boss. “Still a gaming console at heart”

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at 03:52pm March 11 2013

Michael Denny, vice president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, has outlined the thinking behind the PC oriented hardware of PS4, explaining, “that’s what the development community wanted”.

Will I be able to play Killzone 4 on my phone? Michael Denny doesn’t exactly say ‘no’

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at 03:15pm February 28 2013
Killzone: Shadow Fall

So there’s no misinterpretation here I’m just going to reproduce the relevant bit of my interview word for word. The short of it is that I asked Sony Worldwide Studios VP Michael Denny if PS4′s Gaikai-powered streaming meant I could play Killzone 4 on my phone. He didn’t exactly discount it.

PS4 interface screens show game & video streaming, mobile device & social interactions

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at 10:35am February 28 2013
PS4 interface menu streaming social

Sony has released several images showing the new PS4 menu and interface. The options show the social focus of the new front end as well as the video editing, streaming and how it will look on mobile and tablet devices.

PS4 DualShock 4 controller gallery – every angle covered including the ‘happy crab’ view from the front

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at 04:53pm February 26 2013
PS4 Dualshock 4 controller

Here’s a gallery of photos showing off the new PS4 DualShock controller. As well as the more obvious hardware changes the pad’s had a subtle restyling and, if you look at it from the front, I’m told now looks like a happy crab.

PS4 playable at E3, “A lot of content on the floor” says Jack Tretton

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at 04:32pm February 26 2013

SCEA CEO Jack Tretton has confirmed that PS4 will be playable at E3 adding there “there will be a lot of playable content on the floor”.

Sony confirms full list of third party PS4 game developers & publishers – 126 in all

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at 06:10pm February 25 2013

After some initial confusion regarding European devs Sony have sent over a full list of all third party developers working on PS4. 126 in total. That’s a lot of games then. You can probably make a guess as to what’s coming as well from some: Criterion? Bethesda? IO Interactive? Hmm…

PS4 Dualshock motion control “possible, but in a different way than the full Move”

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at 10:53am February 25 2013
DualShock 4

Michael Denny, the vice president of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe, has confirmed that the PS4′s new DualShock is not a full Move controller but will instead make “motion sense features possible”.

PS4 announcement livestream & live blog from Official PlayStation Magazine UK

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at 09:01am February 20 2013
PS4 meeting

Here’s where you can watch the PS4 announcement livestream and get all the reveal info as it happens. We’ll also be live blogging the event directly from the show floor so expect pictures, films and reports on kaz’s toilet breaks. Use the the tag #OPMPS4 to get involved.

PS4 announcement details: release date, & games revealed, price still unconfirmed

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at 09:00am February 20 2013
PS4 controller

The PlayStation Meeting has revealed PS4 and its launch titles. Here’s everything we currently know about the release date and price, specs and launch games. We’ll update when we know more.

The Last Guardian to be a PS4 game, “the last time it was restarted it was moved to Orbis”

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at 12:52pm February 18 2013

A forum post from an alleged former Sony dev suggests that The Last Guardian is now a PS4 game. The title has apparently been restarted a number of times during development and at the last do-over was moved to PlayStation 4.

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