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Latest PSN store sale munches on Resident Evil, Dead Island, Walking Dead: Survival Instinct prices

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at 11:56am October 23 2013

If a sale could ever be described as spooky, this would be the spookiest. Sales definitely can’t be described in those terms, though, so let’s cut to the chase and simply list the games that have had their prices hacked on the store this week. If it has the word ‘Zombie’ in its title, it’s probably going cheap.

Horror game sale hits PSN Store: Siren, Deadly Prem & inFamous: Festival of Blood all going cheap

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at 01:51pm October 16 2013
siren blood curse

The PSN Store is preparing for Halloween with a slightly tenuous horror sale (Deadpool? Really?). That said Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Devil May Cry HD Collection, Limbo and Siren Blood Curse are all worth a look.

What’s on the PlayStation Store this week: Dishonored GOTY, Dragon’s Dogma DLC & more

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at 05:19pm October 9 2013

This week’s PlayStation Store update is up and it’s a pretty light haul with Dishonored Game Of The Year Edition probably the strongest offering, although it’s not available until the 11th. Elsewhere there’s new Dragon’s Dogma DLC and, um… I’ll be honest I’m struggling.

Get some cheap games in the PlayStation All-Stars Island PSN sale: Uncharted, inFamous & LittleBigPlanet all discounted

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at 12:41pm October 9 2013
inFamous 2 review 2

In case you forgot, PlayStation All-Stars Island is a free to play iOS endless runner featuring Sony games like Uncharted, inFamous and LittleBigPlanet. Apparently it’s still a thing as proved by a new PSN Store sale discounting PS3 and PS Vita games that star.

GTA 5 becomes PSN’s biggest selling game ever, already beating GTA 4′s lifetime sales at retail

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at 05:37pm October 7 2013
GTA 5 ps3 review grand theft auto

There are no numbers given but GTA 5 is now the biggest selling game on the PSN Store, beating the record briefly held by The Last Of Us. It’s also already overtaken the total lifetime sales for GTA 4.

Sony investigating “small number” of GTA 5 80029564 error issues

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at 11:21am September 19 2013
GTA 5 screens

Sony has commented on GTA 5′s 80029564 error issues which have prevented people who’ve bought the game digitally on the PlayStation Store from downloading or installing it. It recommends ensuring firmware is up todate and all previous corrupted Grand Theft Auto 5 data is deleted.

What’s on the PlayStation Store this week? GTA 5, PES 2014, Saints Row DLC & more

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at 04:54pm September 18 2013
GTA 5 the first hour

This week’s PlayStation Store update is live with GTA 5 fronting the selection. Although you might want to head here for info on the GTA 5 error code 80029564 that’s causing problems with downloading. Also availible is PES 2014 (review here), plus Metro: Last Light and Saints Row 4 DLC.

New fix for GTA 5 error 80029564. Caused by “connection issues to server during download”

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at 04:42pm September 18 2013
GTA 5 PS3 review screens grand theft auto

GTA 5′s Error 80029564, which is preventing some from downloading and installing the digital edition of Grand Theft Auto 5 from the PlayStation Store, is apparently the result of “a connection issue to the server”. Virgin Media users have been particularly affected

Corrupt PSN GTA 5 download “error code 80029564″ should be fixed after 4pm

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at 03:42pm September 17 2013
GTA 5 screens

Some people have been unable to play the PSN download version of GTA 5 on PS3, reporting an 80029564 error. Sony say the problem should be resolved soon and require the existing content to be deleted, then redownloaded after 4pm.

Summer Festival sale continues on PSN – more cheap games

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at 12:47pm July 24 2013
Ico & Shadow Of The Colossus HD PS3 review

The PSN Store Summer festival continues it’s PlayStation Memories theme this week with some PS3 discounts. It’s an oddly diverse range of games with titles like Alice: Madness Returns and Tales From Space: About a Blob stacking up against Killzone, Resi 4 and Demon Souls.

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