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New PSN sale gets you Dishonored for £7.99, loads of discounts arriving with today’s update

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at 12:44pm March 26 2014

Look, Dishonored for £7.99. Just buy it already. There’s a whole bunch of other games discounted on the Store when it updates later today, including Dragon Age 2 for £5.49 along with Saints Row, Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed 3 and more, plus DLC.

Rockstar sale on PSN – Max Payne 3, Manhunt & GTA 4 all around a fiver (ish)

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at 12:21pm March 19 2014
Max Payne 3

There’s a big Rockstar sale on the PSN at the moment and running into next week. GTA, Max Payne 3, Manhunt, Read Dead Revolver and just about everything they’ve done on PS3, PS2 and PSP is going cheap with a lot of prices around the £5-7 mark.

God Of War, Uncharted & more going cheap in new under a tenner PSN sale

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at 12:05pm March 5 2014

There’s another PSN sale on the Store with everything from God Of War and Uncharted to Far Cry 3 and Deus Ex Human Revolution going cheap. There’s nothing here over a tenner – $4.99 for Just Cause 2′s a bargain!

What’s on the Store this week? Thief, The LEGO Movie Videogame & Castlevania 2

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at 03:38pm February 26 2014
Thief ps4

Thief, The LEGO Movie Videogame & Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 head the charge on for this week’s new PS Store content along with some Battlefield 4 and Call Of Duty Ghosts DLC. Here’s the full list.

Battlefield, Mass Effect, Dead Space, Need For Speed & Borderlands 2 going cheap in PSN sale

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at 12:32pm February 26 2014
Battlefield 4 PS3 review

There’s another PSN sale on, running from 26th February until 12th March. This time EA seem to be the focus with full games & DLC for Battlefield, Mass Effect, Dead Space, Need For Speed all discounted. Then, just confuse things, Borderlands 2′s tagged on the end as well for some reason.

What’s on the Store this week? Freedom Cry, Gunslugs & Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn beta

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at 10:04am February 20 2014
assassin's creed 4 freedom cry dlc screens

Here’s the new content on the PlayStation Store this week. Assassin’s Creed 4′s stand alone version of the Freedom Cry DLC is probably one of the biggest things, followed by the Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn’s beta which starts on the 22nd.

What’s on the Store this week? Sound Shapes for PS Plus, Dustforce & Surge Deluxe

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at 05:58pm February 12 2014

Here’s this week’s PlayStation Store content update. The main additions are Sound Shapes for PS Plus, Dustforce and PS Vita puzzler Surge Deluxe. There’s also a ton of REM Rocksmith DLC for some reason.

PSN February sale – Knack, Gran Turismo 6, The Last Of Us among the discounted

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at 12:37pm February 5 2014
Gran Turismo 6 earn more credits

Sony has announced a bunch of deals in a February PSN Sale running from the 5th to the 26th February. There’s a range of discounts across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita including a few bargains like Call of Juarez Gunslinger for £3.95 and Enslaved for £7.99.

PS4 games cost a lot on the Store – full price UK download launch price listing

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at 11:18am November 26 2013
PS4 games cost

In theory download games sound nice but the price has a long way to go with PS4 games currently costing up to £59.99 from the PSN Store. And that’s with a mystery £3 EA price drop most likely following an unsurprising gamer outcry.

What’s on the PlayStation Store this week: Batman Arkham Origins, God of War Ascension and more

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at 04:25pm October 23 2013
Batman Arkham Origins 2

It’s a decent haul from this week’s PlayStation store updates: big-hitters Batman Arkham Origins and God of War Ascension join new additions Rocksmith 2014 Edition and Deus Ex: Directors cut. Ooh, and there’s that risqué Saints Row IV Enter The Dominatrix DLC, too.

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