PlayStation’s best mobsters – suffering a smooch of death with the ghastliest gangsters on PS past and present

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at 11:05am October 3 2013
Back To The Future PS3

We celebrate the creme de la creme of Capos and dastardliest Dons on PlayStation in this who’s who of virtual mobsters, visiting both Arkham and Vice City, Agent 47′s Chinatown, and – er, Telltale’s Back To The Future.

The ultimate PS3 DLC guide – the best, worst, cheapest, biggest stuff PSN has to offer

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at 03:05pm September 25 2013
New Look PSN store

There is a lot of expansions, add ons and extras for PS3 games. The PSN Store is packed with DLC and here’s our guide to the biggest, best, cheapest, worst and more.

10 reasons GTA 5 would be better on PS4 – why Grand Theft Auto would rock next gen

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at 10:28am September 24 2013
Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 23.51.45

Rockstar might be denying it but the idea of GTA 5 on PS4 is just too good to not consider. Here’s a list of reasons why a next-gen Grand Theft Auto would be amazing, and why Sony’s next console could add some fantastic features.

From Twitter with love: 10 things we know about PS4 from Shuhei Yoshida tweets

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at 10:36am September 23 2013
Shuhei Yoshida

Forget the newswire, magazines, game and trade shows – one of the most vital sources of PS4 info is Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida’s personal twitter feed. We’ve trawled through the man’s many tweets to gather all the important – and unexpected – details in one place.

12 Things You Need To Know About PS4

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at 10:58am September 17 2013
PS4 pictures of the box console

Facts, trivia and all the nuggets of PS4 info you didn’t know. Or were afraid to ask about. From Gaikai and Dualshock 4 to maximum player counts and video capture, plus something life-changing about those L2/R2 triggers… The news, facts and fun stuff that got lost in the buzz.

8 reasons PS Vita TV is an essential PS4 companion

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at 10:47am September 16 2013

The PS Vita TV is PS4′s set-top box wonder. Part mini-console, part Sony’s answer to Apple TV and much more. It’s going to be an essential companion to PS4 – here’s why.

8 PS4 second screen apps explained – the future of PlayStation 4 cross-platform gaming

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at 11:42am September 10 2013

The PS4 is betting hard on second screens – addition iPad and android apps that let you manage and even play your game away from the PlayStation 4. Here are a few great examples of how they’re being used.

Studios that are doing PS4 right – the developers pushing next-gen in the right direction

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at 10:40am September 6 2013

With the PS4′s arrival now imminent, we look at eight studios pushing next-gen potential with more players, faster frame rates or just damn good ideas to bring PlayStation gamers something new.

10 reasons videogame scientists are idiots – Make zombies? Sure what could poss… balls

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at 10:26am September 4 2013

It’s always the simple ideas that cause the most problems. Making zombies, reanimating dead alien DNA, opening portals to hell. While we’re not here to stand in the way of scientific advancement, here are ten PlayStation science projects the world could have done without.

8 new indie games heading to PS4 – the creative side of PlayStation 4

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at 11:29am September 3 2013
Rogue Legacy PS4

At this year’s Gamesom Sony announced a ton of new indie games heading to PS4. Here’s our pick of the best from never ending dungeons to explore to ruthlessly unforgiving multiplayer shooters. Here’s the creative side of the next generation.

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