Metal Gear Rising concept art blow out – bosses and ‘sub-characters’ in fine detail

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at 12:32pm January 10 2013
Metal Gear Rising Concept art

Platinum Games have released a ton of concept art showing the design and evolution of the characters in Metal Gear Rising, especially enemy bosses Samuel and Mistral.

Metal Gear Rising Cyborg Ninja skin, “will be included in all EU versions of the game!”

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at 10:47am November 21 2012
Metal Gear Rising Cyborg Ninja DLC

[Update: I've just been told this by Konami's UK twitter, "Just thought you should know, the Cyborg Ninja skin in MG Rising will be included in all EU versions of the game! Thank you!".]

Gamestop US is currently offering the original Metal Gear Solid Cyborg Ninja as a pre-order bonus skin. So far we’ve only seen a Metal Gear Rising Collector’s Edition offering steelbooks, Raiden figures and armour DLC but that’s huge and expensive. This is probably the first of a few smaller offers

Metal Gear Rising collector editions and pre-orders announced: Steelbooks DLC and figures up for grabs

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at 01:52pm October 31 2012
metal gear rising pre-orders and special editions

Konami has announced it’s special edition and pre-order incentives for Metal Gear Rising. They include various DLC options, steelbooks and a massive Raiden figure.

New Metal Gear Rising trailer “Arm” – Make It Right

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at 10:14am May 1 2012
Metal Gear Rising

This new video seems to shed a little more light on what the hell’s going on, especially after the previously baffling Metal Gear Rising trailer.

55 Metal Gear Rising trailer and screenshots

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at 04:32am December 11 2011

Metal Gear Rising was revealed at last night’s Spike VGA’s as a Kojima produced but Platinum Games developed hack and slasher. It’s set in a similar MGS4 themed world with PMCs, cyborg agents, Gekkos and Metal Gear Rays. Raiden’s cyborg body lets him fight building sized robots while everyone’s got electro swords that can slice people into chunks with the barest hint of a wave. Here’s the trailer and a…

10 Games You Can Platinum In Under 10 Hours

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at 09:50am November 10 2011
Terminator Salvation PS3 Feature - Platinum Trophy

Nothing says hardcore-if-slightly-OCD gamer like bagging a platinum, but some games give up their shiny prize easier than others. There are a growing number of titles, mostly poor movie tie-ins, where you can power up your trophy haul in ten hours or less. Here, we’ve listed some of the least time-consuming platinums, along with where to find them on the cheap – although renting would be kinder to your wallet…

Vanquish review

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at 10:28am September 12 2011

It’s the future, the Russians are upset about something, and they’ve embarked on the following three-point plan. 1) Build massive robot army. 2) Microwave entire population of San Francisco from outer space. 3) Cackle while demanding America’s unconditional surrender. Such is the scenario in Vanquish, the new sci-fi shooter from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. Hey, he had me at “robot army”.

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