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Platinum Club: trophy tips to plunder Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag’s gold, silver & the rest

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at 02:56pm March 12 2014
Assassin's Creed 4 comicon assets

After hooking up to the Animus once again in Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag we travel back to the Golden Age Of Piracy and sail forth in search of trophy tips, all the while polluting the natural serenity of the ocean by belting out our fave sea shanties.

Platinum Club – trophy tips to 100% Beyond Two Souls

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at 03:34pm February 7 2014
Beyond E3 screens

No one knows what happens to us after we die, but with the promise of supernatural silverware calling us to the other side, we bravely delve into the great wide Beyond. As the game is heavily story driven, almost all of the trophies are hidden, which is great for avoiding spoilers, but means a guide is essential if you want to bag them all in the minimum two playthroughs required.

PS3 Platinum Club: Hotline Miami tips – stealing trophies as well as lives

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at 05:26pm December 3 2013
Hotline Miami PS3 Vita

Once again we’re having memory problems: all we know this time is that the ‘80s are drawing to a close and a series of mysterious phone calls are sending us on a murderous rampage. Just remember to patch Hotline Miami before starting – the original version is plagued with a few trophy-kiboshing glitches.

PS3 Platinum Club: The Last Of Us – trophy tips for the day after tomorrow

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at 11:44am September 24 2013

After 20 years of humanity-decimating infection, we set off on an epic journey across America to protect our precious cargo and recover any surviving silverware. With just 24 PS3 trophies, The Last Of Us is light on awards, but Naughty Dog has taken this approach so you can soak up the atmosphere without too many immersion-breaking ‘plings’.

PS3 Platinum Club – Trophy tips for Metro: Last Light

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at 11:25am September 2 2013
Metro Last Light PS3

Stocked up with military-grade ammo and strapped behind a life-saving gas mask, we head into what remains of Moscow to hunt down some post-apocalyptic trophies. And mutants, lots of mutants. None of Metro: Last Light’s accolades are overly tough, but a number of them require careful planning and execution over a minimum of two playthroughs to complete the set.

PS3 Platinum Club – Trophy hunting tips with our resident expert in Bioshock Infinite

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at 11:42am August 1 2013
bioshock infinite

After an unexplained boat trip and a lighthouse filled with questions, we launch ourselves up to the floating city of Columbia in pursuit of answers and – just as importantly – a set of shiny pots.

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