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PES 2013 online – Why Daniel Dawkins can’t unplug himself from Konami’s soccer servers

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at 03:16pm March 21 2013

Carrick on a blue at the base of a 4-2-3-1 with sliders set to 14-9-16-12-10-8-14? Or Kagawa as ‘floating’ SS in a 4-3-3 quick counter cascade set to 20-8-12… Look, if this makes no sense, you’re likely one of the 99% of PlayStation owners who don’t own PES 2013 on PS3. It’s okay. I understand. FIFA 13 is excellent. I’d recommend it to 99% of people. It’s just that I’m part of the 1% who obsess over PES – and I’m 100% delighted to be in that minority

FIFA 13 vs PES 2013 face comparisons: which looks better?

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at 10:27am October 4 2012

For most, the annual footy battle between FIFA and PES comes down to gameplay – but not for everyone. Some fans base their decision of which game to back purely on visuals, lest their long-term enjoyment be affected by the wrong gel being applied to Joe Hart’s hair, or Franck Ribery looking like a male model. For that reason alone we’ve put together this (literal) face-off between the pair – comparing the in-game likenesses of some of the greatest players on the planet. And Gervinho.

PES 2013 PS3 review – Yesteryear favourite’s triumphant comeback

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at 12:00pm September 17 2012

“Football, bloody hell.” For once I actually agree with Fergie’s red wine-gargling ramblings, because they sum up PES’ up-and-down PlayStation career perfectly.

PES 2013 gets firm release date, out a week before FIFA 13

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at 12:36pm September 6 2012
PES 2013 PS3

The footie war’s almost upon us, and as it turns out it’s Konami’s PES 2013 that’ll strike first. It’s now been given a final release date which puts it on the shelves a week before FIFA 13.

New PES 2013 trailer introduces Brazil. Almost all of it

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at 12:56pm August 24 2012
PES 2013

For the first time Pro Evo will be including fully licensed Brazilian club teams with updated rosters, actual kits and new stadiums.

PES 2013 trailer shows off the new Player ID AI in action

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at 01:00pm July 24 2012
PES 2013

Here’s a new PES 2012 trailer showing the new Player ID in action. It’s a new AI system that improves player intelligence improving the understanding of what to do in a match situation.

PES 2013 preview: six things it does better than FIFA 13

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at 12:00pm July 24 2012
PES 2013

This season’s title race is already over, right? Not necessarily. After hands-on time with both FIFA 13 and PES 2013 the former still looks like the odds-on favourite for the coming season, but there are definitely things new Pro Evo does better than its longstanding rival – suggesting it still has a shot at glory when both games release later this year. Here are a half-dozen of those plus points…

New PES 2013 screens show Ronaldo, Balotelli, Gomez and what looks like a hand ball

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at 02:30pm July 19 2012
PES 2013

Here are the latest screens to accompany the recent PES 2013 demo announcement.

PES 2013 demo released July 25th

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at 12:00pm July 19 2012
PES 2013 demo

Konami have announced that the first playable demo of PES 2013 will be available on PSN on July 25th.

PES 2013 preview: ditching the arcade knock abouts for a slower paced sim

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at 01:00pm July 17 2012
PES 2013 PS3

Here’s a tactical conundrum that would have even Mourinho sweating: how the chuffing hell does Pro Evolution Soccer win back the hordes of fans who’ve defected to FIFA over the past few years? A major shake-up of the PES foundations is the first step, and Konami knows it.

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