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New PES 2012 patch details announced

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at 04:04pm December 5 2011
PES 2012 patch

PES Team Leader Jon Murphy has sent an email out to the community listing the details of the upcoming update. Goalkeepers, matchmaking and a few bugs are all getting a fix. According to Murphy the changes are “a result of continuous feedback“. You can read the full statement after the click.

FIFA 12 reader tips masterclass

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at 10:40am October 24 2011
FIFA 12 tips reader masterclass

Concluding our mazy dribble of FIFA 12 tips with a clinical finish, we bring you the final instalment to FIFA 12 tips week. Sure it’s Monday, but with news coming thick and fast from the Golden Joystick awards last Friday we thought it best to hold this back until today. Reader tips ahoy!

FIFA 12 Ultimate Team: ultimate tips

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at 12:31pm October 20 2011

Ultimate Team is the hot mode in FIFA 12. It enables you to build your own club by buying cards that represent individual players, managers, kits, badges and more, then take to the field with a side that’s guaranteed to be different to any other on the planet. These cards can be acquired in packs of 12 bought with in-mode coins or real money (from PSN), or from other users…

FIFA 12 outselling PES 2012 by 25 to 1

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at 10:20am October 20 2011
FIFA 12 outselling PES 2012 25 to 1

…Or so says EA’s Keith Ramsdale, anyway. Speaking at the EA European winter showcase event in London, Ramsdale proudly announced that on its launch weekend FIFA 12 outsold its closest rival, Konami’s PES 2012, by 25 copies to 1. What’s more, EA’s offering went on to sell 3.2 million copies in its first week.

FIFA 12 tips – career mode masterclass

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at 11:00am October 19 2011
FIFA 12 PS3 tips - career mode masterclass

Like a Lionel Messi incredi-dribble, our FIFA 12 tips week steams ahead with unstoppable force here at Today, we’re stuffing our mouths full of gum and loading the cliché gun as we delve into career mode. We’ll impart knowledge on getting the most of your players, snagging yourself extra money in the transfer market and how to keep your directors happy. And most important of all, we’ll tell you…

Emile Heskey’s hilarious FIFA 12 fan video

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at 10:40am October 19 2011
FIFA 12 PS3 Heskey Video

We all know Emile Heskey is both the best player in FIFA 12, and in the world. It’s about time then, that he gets the credit and glory he deserves, thanks to this incredible fan video. You’ll literally lol – it’s unavoidable.

FIFA 12 tips – defending masterclass

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at 01:07pm October 17 2011
FIFA 12 defending tips

It’s FIFA 12 tips week on, and we kick it off with a guide to learning the hardest part of this year’s game: defending. In previous years tackling was as simple as pressing X when close to the man in possession to easily hoover the ball away; now stealing it requires a perfectly timed tap of the square button. And bloody hell is it difficult. 

PES 2012 DLC announced. Goes boot crazy

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at 02:12pm October 7 2011

The free update will add 13 new styles of boot to the game, including adidas, Puma and Nike. Boots! Yeah! Oh and it’ll update team rosters to match current transfers. It’ll also update player skill parameters and several club kits bringing 29 team strips up to date including Real Madrid, Sporting Lisbon and Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

FIFA 12: your reaction to new defending

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at 11:41am October 7 2011

This year’s FIFA 12 is brilliant. We’ve scored it 9/10 in the current issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, and you can read our review here. But the big talking point since its release a week ago has been the new defensive mechanic, where you shadow a man by holding X before pressing square to make a tackle. Here’s what you guys think of it so far – feel free…

FIFA 12 and PES 2012 playing guide

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at 07:14pm September 27 2011
FIFA and PES guide

With both games on great form this year you might have a tricky choice to make. That’s why we’ve made some handy playing guides: six indispensable tips for each game to get you off to sure footed start.

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