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Payday 2 PS3 review – Co-op smash and grab makes off with only some spoils

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at 08:00am August 13 2013

Why this isn’t just one title in a bustling, oversaturated mass of bank heist games is one of the industry’s greatest mysteries. Busting open safes, stuffing bags full of cash and shouting things people would say in Tarantino movies at people who are desperately trying not to wee on jewellery store carpets – these should have been gaming clichés since the days of Pac-Man.

Payday 2 gameplay video & preview – what’s the crime shooter bringing to the hold up this time?

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at 05:33pm March 14 2013
payday 2 ps3 screens

Here’s Phil to talk about his time with Payday 2, the co-op heist shooter. The robbery sim’s upped its game with new randomised levels, classes and gameplay mechanics to help you work together as a perfect bank robbing team.

Payday 2 screens – we get positive ID on the co-op heist shooter sequel

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at 04:32pm March 12 2013
payday 2 ps3 screens

Here are the latest screens from Overkill Software’s Crime sequel Payday2. The co-op shooters built around teams of two to four working together to commit a series of crimes as they manage hostages, shoot police and do all the usual armed robbery stuff.

Payday 2 PS3 preview – crime shooter follow up adds random elements to keep you guessing

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at 04:19pm March 12 2013
PAyday 2 PS3

The original Payday was an interesting idea: a co-op online robbery simulator that saw you stage a range of heists. Providing you got together a few mates you could trust it was an interesting experience as you all worked together to neutralise alarms, pacify hostages, drill safes and fight off hordes of police.

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