Parting Shot

Killing with kindness – remembering Bioshock’s shattering plot shocker

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at 11:59am February 10 2014
bioshock would you kindly

Would you kindly… stop reading this and finish Ken Levine’s seminal Bioshock if you haven’t already done so. Back in the room? Splendid. Now that we’ve all witnessed last generation’s mightiest spoiler, let us raise a giant drill hand in celebration of a moment that will forever make us suspicious of unfailingly polite Irishmen.

Reliving Ico’s ending: taking a stroll along PS2′s most traumatising beach

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at 12:49pm January 13 2014

Looking back at Ico’s extraordinary finale. Pass round the hankies, eh?

The Dark Fright – Arkham Asylum’s heavy Wayne moment

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at 11:25am October 23 2013
Arkham Asylum Scarecrow

Breaking the Bat is a thoroughly daunting prospect. Unless you happen to have Tom Hardy and his insanely buff knees handy, there’s little that fazes the Caped Crusader. Of course, if you’re talking about scuffing up the Gotham vigilante’s psyche, rather than his spine, then that’s an entirely easier proposition.

Boom with a view – Going MIA with COD 4′s brutal bombing

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at 04:30pm August 27 2013

There goes the neighbourhood… and half the unspecified Middle Eastern country said ‘burb resides in. Forget going out with a bang. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare puts a nuclear full stop on its first act with an irradiating blast that destroys the city you’ve been toiling through in endless pitch battles for the last two hours. Oh, and it also kills your character in the most achingly passive, undignified fashion possible.

The last outlaw – Tearing up over Red Dead Redemption’s final stand

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at 03:12pm July 30 2013
Red Dead Redemption

Death in games is meaningless. In the days of the arcade, digital resurrection would at least set you back a few pence. Now, the consequences are non-existent – restarts and mid-mission checkpoints have made the gaming Reaper less daunting than the one who plays Twister against Bill and Ted. That’s why John Marston’s tragic end stands apart. In Red Dead Redemption, that middle word is soberingly permanent.

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