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Outlast: Whisleblower DLC releasing on PS4 in April. Prequel promises to show “final chapter”

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at 12:47pm February 26 2014
Outlast Whistleblower DLC PS4

Red Barrels has confirmed a PS4 release date for Outlast’s Whisleblower DLC. The expansion will arrive in April and follow Waylon Park, a software engineer who’s emailed leak started the original game.

Outlast document & note location guide – find all the secrets on PS4

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at 10:19pm February 5 2014
outlast document note locations

To be honest, Outlast is the last type of game you want to look closely at. But, if you want those trophies, you’re going to have to find all the documents and notes. Here’s our guide to their locations on PS4.

Outlast PS4 review & gameplay – who needs a good night’s sleep anyway?

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at 11:35am February 4 2014

After what seems like years without a decent horror game on PlayStation, Outlast is going to feel like a gift to scare fans. A horrible, horrible gift. A six to seven hour take on Slender meets Fatal Frame crossed with that bit in Bioshock when you turn around and there’s a man behind you. There’s always a man behind you.

Outlast trophies revealed – Feb’s free PS4 Plus game will net you 4 Bronze, 2 Silver & 2 Gold

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at 11:27am January 28 2014

Trophies for Outlast have appeared online. The horror game is free on PS Plus this February for PS4 and the seven trophies up for grabs can be won in a single playthrough if you want to risk insane difficulty on the first go.

PS4 gets survival horror Outlast with Feb’s PS Plus Instant Game Collection

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at 10:35am January 15 2014
Outlast's enemies are terrifying & murderous although glued to patrol routes which can lessen their impact over time.

If you like the cerebrally unhinged wangs of naked mental patients are you ever in for a treat. The latest freebie for PS4′s PS Plus service includes Red Barrels genuinely unsettling and really rather good horror jaunt Outlast, which is being rolled out as part of February’s Instant Game Collection.

Outlast outlined – PS4′s survival horror indie game cut open by Red Barrel’s Philippe Morin

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at 10:57am July 31 2013

It’s an interesting proposition: a combat-free survival horror built around investigation and escape. It’s also an indie game. One of PS4′s heavily featured line up of small studios. In this case Red Barrels, a ten man team made up of ex-Naughty Dog, EA, Ubisoft and Eidos staffers. Here I speak to co-founder Philippe Morin about the game to find out more.

Outlast PS4 gameplay – it’s basically “Found Footage Horror Movie: The Game”

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at 11:09am June 21 2013
Outlast PS4

Outlast on PS4 is one of the more interesting games heading our way. No guns, no clever tricks, just a camera with night vision and an asylum full of crazy men. Here’s 10 minutes of gameplay showing off its survival horror chops.

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