PS4 gets new “Thebes” codename & Spring 2014 release date

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at 04:41pm December 11 2012
PS4 sony e3 conference

The latest PlayStation 4 rumours give it a new codename “Thebes”, and mention a release date between Spring to Autumn of 2014. Ouch.

PS4 info leaks out. Dev kits apparently heading to studios now

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at 04:32pm November 1 2012
PS4 sony e3 conference

PS4 dev kits are currently on there way to developers with an official announcement expected “just before E3″. Apparently the system is being called Orbis with no mention of PlayStation 4.

PS4/Orbis images leak – suggest smartphone integration

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at 10:50pm March 28 2012
orbis PS4 leaked image

Adding more weight to Kotaku’s earlier claims about the rumoured PS4, named Orbis, are two illustrations from from The Velvet Owl Design studio. They appear to show a PSEye-like device linked to a smartphone.

New PS4 details: PlayStation Orbis with devs already, won’t play PS3 disks and features anti-used game tech

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at 04:51pm March 28 2012

New rumors have emerged regarding PS4. Sources claim it’s currently called Orbis (and that might be the actual name) it uses both an AMD CPU and GPU, and has a release date of sometime around the 2013 ‘holiday season’ (that’s Christmas in England). Dev kits are already with ‘select’ developers and it will also apparently feature some kind of anti-used game functionality 

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