1080p & 60fps has to be the new standard, not a luxury for PS4 games

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at 02:17pm February 28 2014
MGS 5 comparison video

You probably don’t realise this, but you’ve been getting horribly screwed for the last six years. Ever since PS3 launched, the all-seeing holes in your head have been slumming it in the mire of 1,280 x 720 resolutions at framerates that would need an Acme-style rocket pack to reach that magic number sitting somewhere between 59 and 61. Your peepers deserve so much more.

Not playing bad games hurts your experience of the good ones – visit the bargain bin & learn to appreciate what you have

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at 11:41am January 29 2014

This is me telling you to ignore every buyer-beware sentiment we write the next time you see a sub-5/10 review appear in the mag. Instead, put that collapsing shambles of half-baked ideas and outdated genre tropes at the very top of your (bargain bin) shopping list. After all, how can you truly enjoy great games without experiencing the full range of the spectrum?

Games are too long – give me a great one that lasts the length of a film over a good 20-hour adventure

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at 10:12am October 4 2013

Oh, hey there. I didn’t see you come in. Why don’t you sit down by the hearth so that we can have a little chat. A snifter of brandy, dear chap/chapette? Here you go. So, anyway, games last too lon… oh, you’ve spat your spirit in my face out of sheer shock and indignation. Cheers for that.

The future of PS4 – the race to ‘win’ next-gen is a marathon, not a sprint

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at 12:25pm September 18 2013
PS4 console & menu

Queuing at midnight to snatch up your new PS4, the delicate removal of pristine console from unsullied box, the infantile surge of inner happiness when a menu screen stares back at you for the first time… the launch of a new console is a magical, almost life-altering event. Because this little cube of electronics will be your bosom buddy for the next six or seven years, guaranteed to deliver endless joy and never answer back, no matter how controversial your views on football or politics or Game Of Thrones. (“You were right, Walder Frey. They had it coming.”)

Naughty Dog should ditch Uncharted to maximise its potential on PS4

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at 11:48am September 4 2013

Heresy! Off with his head… and his hands while you’re at it. This traitor has spewed sacrilege on the altar of PlayStation for the very last time and never deserves to play another misbehaving mutt masterpiece. Whoah. Put down the flaming dentist tools.

PS4 games should do single-player or multiplayer, but not both – resources shouldn’t be diluted

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at 12:11pm August 23 2013

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane. You’ll need jam sandwiches, a Thomas The Tank Engine pencil case, and your mittens tied to your coat. Right, so: which gaming experiences do you remember most fondly? Which stand out in your mind and which do you hold dearest?

Win over indies on PS4 & you’ll win next -gen. It’s that simple – in the future small games are big

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at 11:25am August 20 2013
PS3 indie games spelunky

Ask any of the money men behind this once pure-as-the-driven-Pong industry, and they’ll tell you it lives and dies on hits. Runaway commercial successes that break out of the hobbyist vernacular and into mainstream culture. And when they say the word ‘hits’, they uniformly fall into a daydream about four players in custom body armour watching an explosion together online.

Why PS4 game prices need to learn from Steam

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at 12:11pm August 14 2013

The savings passed from bypassing packaging, printing and transport should pass on to us. Games are overpriced – but as Valve has proven, they don’t have to be.

Why Bioshock Infinite should have been more like Dishonored – great design spoiled by a lack of options

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at 12:30pm August 7 2013
New Bioshock Infinite PS3 screens

The first few hours of Bioshock Infinite are perfect. Beginning with one of this generation’s most awe-inspiring moments, it slowly, adroitly reveals its hand: a glorious, idealistic façade built on bigotry, which soon spirals out of control.

Metal Gear Solid 5 needs PS4 to fully tap the potential of Kojima’s Fox future

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at 04:09pm August 6 2013
MGS 5 e3 screens

I want MGS 5 The Phantom Pain like its legendary pirate-eyed soldier craves two working peepers. Konami’s Fox Engine is capable of feats of graphical voodoo you couldn’t have imagined while your corneas were being scraped out by Ridge Racer 7’s jaggies. The only problem is, I don’t think PS3 is capable of giving this exciting new tech the platform it truly deserves.

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