PS Plus subscription required for online gaming on PS4

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at 10:01am June 11 2013
PlayStation Plus PS+ Sony e3conference upgrade

Sony has confirmed that you’ll need to subscribe to PS Plus in order to play PS4 games online. Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida explained that the PS Plus subscription covers the cost of Sony’s massive server-side investments for PS4.

Tomb Raider hands-on: a whole Lara love for online? (Well… no)

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at 04:03pm January 23 2013
Tomb Raider online

Have the brains behind Lara Croft gone crazier than one of her island foes in adding multiplayer to the Tomb Raider series? Find out as we go hands-on with Rescue mode.

Dust 514 will be free to play, PS Vita companion app incoming

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at 02:54pm March 5 2012
DUST 514 free to play PS3

Going pricetag free is always a favourable decision in our book, and that’s just what Dust 514 is doing, says CCP’s Brandon Laurino.  The online shooter based around the fearsomely popular EVE Online universe that just might shape up to be PS3′s biggest online shooter was originally going to carry a mid-range pricetage on the SEN at launch, which would be converted into in-game currency, but Laurino announced to Eurogamer…

Resident Evil 6 has multiplayer and co-op. New info leaked

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at 08:49pm January 23 2012

The Resident Evil 6 multiplayer info was revealed in an online product listing before being removed. It stated there would be 2-8 player multiplayer and 2-6 player online co-op. These Resident Evil 6 screens certainly show some of the main characters working in teams but so far it’s pairs only. Six players does suggest there might be a separate co-op mode because it’s hard to imagine the main campaign could support gameplay mechanics that could…

Rockstar explain how bullet time will work in Max Payne 3′s multiplayer

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at 11:25am December 15 2011
New Max Payne 3 screens guns!

Bullet time’s never really worked in multiplayer. Games like FEAR and Stranglehold all dodged the issue because, well, how exactly do you implement slow mo when there’s more than one person playing? According to Rockstar, Max Payne 3′s 16 player multiplayer pulls it off using players’ line of sight. 

Uncharted 3 multiplayer tips 4: advanced tactics

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at 03:45pm November 4 2011
uc 3 tips

Here’s the final video tips guide to Uncharted 3′s multiplayer from game director Justin Richmond. Everyone say thank you Justin. This one is all about advanced tactics to make sure you don’t just beat your opponents you humilate them.

GTA 5 multiplayer confirmed. Present day setting and “radical reinvention”

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at 02:16pm November 3 2011
GTA 5 PS3 screens

It was never really in doubt but it is nice to have the official word. The confirmation came in a GTA 5 announcement from Take-Two. In the statement they called Grand Theft Auto 5, “A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present-day Southern California.” They also mentioned that the game will “head to the city of Los…

Battlefield 3 Review

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at 12:50pm November 3 2011
Battlefield 3 PS3 review

The line between perfecting a genre and flogging it into the ground is a thin one. After being thrilled by WW2 shooters for so long in the mid-noughties, watching boats draw toward a ubiquitous beach-landing set-piece eventually grew yawnsome. Modern shooters are gradually going the same way – and for all its moments of genuine oorah-ing brilliance, Battlefield 3’s solo campaign is very much a case in point.

Uncharted 3 multiplayer tips 3: combat tactics

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at 11:23am November 3 2011
Uncharted 3 PS3 multiplayer tips

Here’s Uncharted 3 game director Justin Richmond with some tips to improve your multiplayer pwning. What this man doesn’t know about Uncharted 3… just isn’t in the game. He flippin’ directed it. Mr Richmond has some interesting tips on grenade rolls, chucking back enemy ‘nades, and other tactical advice.

Uncharted 3 multiplayer tips 1: The basics

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at 03:23pm October 31 2011

So with Uncharted 3 only a couple of days away here’s game designer Justin Richmond with a series of multiplayer tips to help you survive online. Today he covers the basics such as the buddy system, using Facebook integration to earn more in-game cash and how to make the best use of your loadouts. Tomorrow he’ll be talking about boosters and powerplays so come back then for more.

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