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Uncharted: Fight For Fortune PS Vita review – Against the odds, Drake plays his cards right

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at 02:57pm December 18 2012
Uncharted fight for fortune Ps vita review

Malibu and coke, ketchup and Salt & Vinegar Pringles, Anne Hathaway and Catwoman’s leathers: all unlikely pairings that turned out mighty tasty when you experienced them for the first time. And ‘Magic: The Gathering meets our favourite rogue’ could easily have turned out less Heston Blumenthal, more holy bloomin’ hell. Instead – thankfully – this is a compulsive little time-waster priced even cheaper than a tax-dodging caffeine provider’s flagship beverage.

Uncharted: Fight For Fortune announced & explained for PS Vita

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at 03:44pm November 19 2012
Uncharted Fight for fortune

Fight For Fortune has finally been officially announced after a leak via a rating board and a glitch revealing a screen in Uncharted: Golden Abyss. As previously rumored it’s a card game due for release in December which can also tie into your Golden Abyss save.

Is this Uncharted: Fight For Fortune?

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at 01:54pm November 7 2012
Uncharted fight for fortune

The discovery that the recently outed Uncharted: Fight For Fortune is a casino/card game for PS Vita recalls this screen from an Uncharted: Golden Abyss glitch. Have we already seen the mystery game?

Uncharted: Fight for Fortune outed by ratings

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at 10:26am November 7 2012

[Update: A Brazilian rating has listed Fight For Fortunes under the genre, "casino/card games" so it's probably a card battling game.]

The Australian Rating board has just filed a listing for Uncharted: Fight For Fortune. Mentioning ‘mild violence’ and, curiously, ‘drug use’.

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