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RetroStation: Okami – PS2′s Brush with greatness

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at 10:11am January 7 2014
Okami ps2 hd

Despite near-universal rave reviews and a rating of 93 on Metacritic, Okami suffered low sales that resulted in the sad and untimely demise of its developer, Clover Studio. Why? Because it’s a game about a wolf with a magic paintbrush. It was never going to shift as many copies as Gun Shooter 8, but Capcom took a gamble on it anyway, for which we’re eternally grateful.

Okami HD review – Doodles with wolves

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at 04:37pm November 2 2012
Okami HD PS3 screen

Games generally don’t do harmony. Most would rather let you destroy life than nurture it. Sure, they’re great at letting you off rare rhinos (oh, Cabela’s) or allowing you to pummel men trying to offer you a pork bun (good old Sleeping Dogs). But the majority would rather let you blow stuff to pieces than have you forge peace. That’s the main reason I love Okami: it’s basically videogame Ghandi.

Okami HD gameplay – a half hour of painty wolf fun

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at 10:41am November 2 2012

Here’s half an hour of Okami HD gameplay to watch. In it I make trees and feed rabbits. There’s a reason it sold about four copies on PS2. It is however brilliant so you really should check it out – £15.99 on the Store now.

Okami HD PS screens – the old dog’s new tricks look lovely

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at 12:31pm July 12 2012
Okami HD PS3 screen

Here are the latest Okami HD screens showing of this Move enabled remaster in all it’s glory. If anything deserves a high definition do-over it’s this. Looks beautiful.

Okami HD PS3 screens: the best looking cel-shaded dog you’ll see this year.

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at 05:00pm June 21 2012
okami PS3 HD screens

Just in case you weren’t sure, Okami HD looks lovely on PS3 and here are the screens to prove it.

Okami HD PS2/PS3 comparison screens

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at 11:35am June 20 2012
okami hd ps2 ps3 comparison

Here are some screens comparing the original PS3 version of Okami with it’s PS3 HD remastering.

Okami HD trailer: releasing on PSN this Autumn with Move and trophy support

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at 10:12am June 20 2012
Okami HD

Capcom have announced that Okami is getting an HD re-release this Autumn on PSN. It’ll cost £15.99 and include Move and 51 trophies. The trailer shows off an impressive PS2/3 comparison.

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