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PS4: The Ultimate handbook on sale now – here’s how to get it

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at 12:47pm April 10 2014
Bookazine 2 cover

OPM’s own encyclopaedia of next-gen, PS4: The Ultimate Handbook is on sale now. Inside, you’ll find over 30 reviews of the best games on the platform so far, previews on the big-hitters that haven’t arrived yet, tonnes of handy tips for getting the most from your machinery and much more.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – read all the exclusive info in OPM #96, on sale Friday 11th April

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at 03:18pm April 9 2014

Info on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel officially went live today, and we’re delighted to say you’ll be able to read all about Gearbox’s new PS3 shooter in issue #96 of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, on sale this Friday 11th April.

Batman Arkham Knight, The Order 1886, Evolve & more: Official PlayStation Magazine UK on sale now

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at 10:31am March 17 2014
batcover latest issue official PlayStation magazine

This issue we’ve got the Bat. After a trip to Rocksteady we’ve seen Batman Arkham Knight in action and spoken to game director Sefton Hill about the next generation of superhero. On top of that there’s more on The Order 1886, Evolve, a look at PS4′s secret game and more.

Evolve, Alien Isolation & inFamous Second Son – Official PlayStation Magazine UK on sale now

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at 04:01pm February 18 2014
issue 94 cover

This month’s mag has a look at Evolve, Turtle Rock’s new co-op monster hunter. There’s more creature tracking with Alien Isolation and we go hands on with inFamous Second Son.

Alien Isolation studio visit & free postcards – Official PlayStation Magazine UK on sale now

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at 11:44am January 20 2014
issue 03 cover

This month Official PlayStation Magazine UK has been to see Alien Isolation, the new PS4 survival horror based on the original movie. We visit the studio to play the game and talk to the team about making a unpredictable and thus terrifying alien. There’s also a set of free postcards featuring art from the game.

Official PlayStation magazine January subscription sale – save up to 46%

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at 02:19pm January 2 2014
issue 92

There are some huge Savings on Official PlayStation Magazine subscriptions throughout January and you could save up to 46% on the print edition of the magazine

Dark Souls 2 poster, GOTY 2013 & the best games of 2014: Official PlayStation Magazine UK on sale now

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at 01:21pm December 20 2013
issue 92

The latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine is in the shops now with a double sided Dark Souls 2 poster to threaten your room. There’s also an in-depth look at the game including interviews with co-directors Yui Tanimura and Tomohiro Shibuya. Plus, there’s all you need to know about 2014.

Official PlayStation Magazine’s greatest PS3 games – the best of the generation

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at 12:01pm December 11 2013
Greatest games on PS3

The PS3 isn’t dead yet – let’s make that clear – but as the focus shifts to PS4 and Sony’s next-gen future we look back at those games that have shaped the world we’re about to enter. Those titles that have stood out and made their mark on PlayStation.

Are PS4 companion apps a fad or the future? The debate

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at 12:15pm December 10 2013
The Division second screen

With more PS4 games using companion apps and second screen stuff to expand on their worlds or add new features, the Official PlayStation Magazine team debate whether this new way of playing represents the future of PlayStation 4 gaming or just a passing phase.

Get Official PlayStation Magazine’s complete guide to PS4 for everything PlayStation 4

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at 03:09pm December 6 2013
complete guide to PS4

PlayStation 4 is nearly here, and with it comes a new beginning for console gaming. A bold new age of 1080p visuals, dare-to-dream indie titles, beautiful blockbusters, and the comfiest controller you ever laid thumbs on. To guide you into the next console generation, OPM UK’s put together 164 pages of pearly wisdom that’ll clue you up on everything next-gen. And we mean everything: games, hardware, features, and even a look back at PlayStation 3′s legacy.

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