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10 questions for Crystal Dynamic’s Noah Hughes – Tomb Raider’s creative director talks gaming & industry

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at 11:48am May 28 2013
noah Hughes

Noah Hughes has been at Crystal Dynamics since 1993, when it was a fledgling studio focused on developing for the 3DO. There he worked with coding Hall Of Famer Mike Cerny, briefly left, then returned to work on the post-Core Design Tomb Raiders where he’s currently creative director.

Crystal Dynamics: “Playing original Tomb Raider allowed us to understand the franchise enough to take the step we’re taking now”

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at 02:34pm December 14 2012
Tomb Raider PS3 screens

We spoke recently to Crystal Dynamics creative director Noah Hughes about Tomb Raider. Here he talks about how playing the first game helped the team shape the latest and why there aren’t any dinosaurs this time.

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