All the Move racing wheel info you need

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at 03:30pm July 2 2012
Move racing wheel

Check out this video tour of the Move racing wheel. Anton Mikhailov from SCEA’s research and development team talks us through various features like race tuned triggers, gear paddles and handlebar rumble. (And you thought it was just a fancy handle.)

PS3 firmware update v4.20 tweaks power settings and headset options

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at 10:30am June 26 2012
firmware update

The new PS3 firmware update v4.20 should be deploying later today. The main change will be a new power-save setting that switches the machine off after an hour of inactivity. There will also be changes to the headset options and data management.

Sleeping Dogs PS3 screens

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at 09:00am February 17 2012
Sleeping Dogs True Crime Hong Kong

Here are the latest PS3 screens for Square Enix’s new open world crime game Sleeping Dogs. You know, the one formally known as True Crime: Hong Kong. We’ve got the full info in our Sleeping Dogs PS3 preview if you want to know more but here’s where you get all the shoe-to-face, car go boom money shots. 

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