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inFamous sequels could involve “any age, gender [or] time”, like Assassin’s Creed “spiritually”

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at 12:33pm March 24 2014
inFamous Second Son

Speaking recently to Sucker Punch’s Nate Fox about the future of inFamous following Second Son, Fox said the series was a “broad concept’ that could involve “any age, gender, time [or] country”.

Infamous Second Son’s Nate Fox interview – PS4, Troy Baker, Seattle & more

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at 05:14pm February 12 2014
infamous Second son screens

OPM recently had the chance to talk to Sucker Punches Nate Fox, the creative director for inFamous Second Son. In this interview Fox talks about the potential of PS4, working with Troy Baker, creating a realistic city and plenty more.

Sucker Punch’s Nate Fox on bigger brothers & inFamous: Second Son’s “reality bubble”

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at 10:37am December 20 2013
infamous second son screens

Remember in school when you found it impossible to imagine your teacher having any sort of existence outside the classroom? It’s easy think that way in most open-world videogames – there might be life in the city, but not a pulse, a sense that any inhabitant continues to exist when they leave your field of vision. inFamous: Second Son dev Sucker Punch actually has a term for this: the ‘reality bubble’.

inFamous: Second Son’s morality is about “small choices” & Batman say Sucker Punch

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at 11:49am December 6 2013
inFamous Second Son gamescom PS4 screens

A big feature of previous inFamous games has been its morality – decisions made by the player that impact the world and hero, for better or worse. That’s not been shown yet in inFamous: Second Son but now creative director Nate Fox explains what directions we can expect from Delsin’s moral compass.

inFamous on PS Vita apparently outed by Second Son director

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at 03:14pm September 3 2013
inFamous Second Son gamescom PS4 screens

Sucker Punches’ Nate Fox seems to have accidentally outed a PS Vita version of inFamous in a fumbled interview that ends with the cold, distant stare of a man who knows he’s messed up as he mentions, “only talking about the PS4 game,” and how he’d love “to tell you about any Vita related titles”.

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