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Loads of Dark Souls 2 screens – new monsters, customisation & underpants on display

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at 11:03am February 12 2014
Dark Souls 2 screens

Can you have too many Dark Souls 2 screens? I’m going to say yes. Here’s a load of new shots full of fresh monsters, and showing off customisation options. Fighting in underwear seems a common choice. I’m going to say a bad one.

Tekken Revolution E3 Gameplay Trailer rears its head

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at 02:16pm June 10 2013
Tekken Revolution PS3

Here’s a trailer for newly-announced Tekken Revolution. Slow motion sweat, gravity defying hair and a man with a Jaguar mask: it can only be a Tekken trailer. It is back and this time it’s free-to-play on PS3 through PSN.

Making the impossible possible. Soulcalibur 5 to feature even bigger breasts

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at 11:10am January 4 2012
Soul Calibur Breast Size Regulation

Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and write a story because you know people will click on it. Sorry mum, don’t read this one. According to the ERSB, Soulcalibur 5 will let you “augment fighters’ breast sizes”, because stick thin women supporting bowling ball cleavages apparently just isn’t enough. God only knows how big you can ‘augment’ them. It also mentions “some female fighters wear outfits that reveal large…

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