Minecraft PS3 update 14 adds items, features & fixes. PS4 version “being worked on as we speak”

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at 11:50am March 31 2014
Mincraft PS3 PS4

Mojang’s announced a huge update for Minecraft on PS3 adding a mammoth ammount of new items, features and fixes. It’s also confirmed it’s still working on the PS4 version with ” no proper dates yet” but information coming “soon”.

Minecraft: PS3 Edition review – Like Lego, but way less painful to stand on

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at 11:05am January 10 2014
Minecraft Mojang

You might have heard of this one. In fact if you’re not already familiar with Minecraft, the sandbox survival sim that sold over 13 million copies, the low-res Java-based game that became instantly iconic, the title responsible for roughly 99% of all YouTube’s content… well, I don’t even know where to start. Do you know what year it is? Are you a time-traveller? I promise I won’t freak out.

Minecraft PS3 beginner’s tips & tricks: how to survive, what to build first, & more

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at 03:51pm January 2 2014
Minecraft PS3 edition

Why do you need a Minecraft tips guide? Because freedom is crippling. There are so many possibilities that your first instinct is to either start skipping about exploring the horizon or to stand frozen in indecision, unsure whether to plough straight into that 1:1 scale model of the Enterprise you had planned or go on a pig-slaying crusade.

Minecraft PlayStation Editon releasing on PS3 today – new details & trailer

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at 11:24am December 18 2013
Minecraft PS3 edition

Minecraft PlayStation Edition will be arriving on PS3 today and cost €18.99/£12.99. There’s also a demo for the cautious. As well as trophies there’s a four player split screen mode, eight player multiplayer mode and Creative and Survival gameplay.

Minecraft on PS3 Wednesday 18th with skins & texture packs on PSN “soon after”

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at 02:54pm December 16 2013
Minecraft on PS4, PS4 Ps Vita

Nothing like a surprise for Christmas. Mojang has just announced that Minecraft will be releasing on PS3 on the 18th. That’s only version mentioned: the PS Vita and PS4 versions don’t have release dates yet.

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