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Best bits of 2011: Modern Warfare 3′s plane crash

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at 03:52pm December 28 2011
modern warfare 3 plane crash

This is the best moment of 2011. Better than anything Uncharted or Arkham City threw out. Shut up. It proves that Call Of Duty still has the ability to create jaw dropping action and set pieces that stay with you for years. Sure, the weightless moments were very, very Inception but it still worked beautifully and felt completely original as you wumphed lazily into the air, thudding slow-mo gunfire at your similarly floaty foes. It’s an…

Monday’s PS3 video round up

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at 12:46pm November 21 2011

It’s that time again (no, not when you threaten to stick your head in the office microwave because it’s Monday morning). Instead, it’s time to view some of the funniest, most glitchy and downright weird PS3 videos the world wide ‘thing that comes out of a spider’s ass’ has to offer. In this edition of our video round up, we’ve got epic Skyrim dancing (no lag here, no sir), the…

#inbox 10/11 – What’s been on your mind this week

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at 12:24pm November 10 2011
Skyrim PS3

If you’ve been clocking in the hardcore gaming sessions like a diligent miner picking away at the giant gaming coal face that is Arkham City, Uncharted 3, BF3 and MW3, you’ll be twiddling your thumbs like a public transport-grade maniac waiting for Skyrim. If you haven’t finished those games, you probably still have things to say about them. Yes, these are the two groups of gamers who congregated and conversed…

PlayStation Trophy news this week

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at 10:36am November 9 2011

This week in the world of PlayStation trophies, the cups for Saints Row: The Third come straight outta Steelport, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launches with a mix of story campaign and co-op rewards, and for those still playing Spec Ops on Modern Warfare 2 we have a tip for killing 4 enemies while Downed But Not Out.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 review

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at 10:19am November 8 2011
Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Review

Eight short years ago, the first Call Of Duty was released on PC. COD was always popular, selling and reviewing well, but then it became a phenomenon – an all-conquering monster that prevails over the hype cycle, charts and online playlists worldwide. It’s all down to 2007’s Modern Warfare, which not only brought the series up to date with a nuclear bang, but also introduced the multiplayer that’s dominated both…

Modern Warfare 3 trophies

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at 04:31pm November 7 2011
Modern Warfare 3 trophies

Here’s the trophy list for Activision’s mega shooter, Modern Warfare 3 which has popped up on It could be considered a little spoilery in terms of character names and locations so be warned…

Battlefield 3 – a Modern Warfare player’s guide

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at 12:39pm November 7 2011
Battlefield 3 PS3 Modern Warfare

Hey there, Rambo. Flick on the safety on that M60E4 for a second, lose the ammo belts draped across each shoulder and take a knee. You see, the war’s being fought across two titles now – Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. Even if you’re a decorated Call Of Duty veteran, there are plenty of reasons you’ll still want to play Battlefield 3. For your consideration and to avoid humiliation,…

Modern Warfare 3 video – the first 15 minutes leaks online

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at 11:25pm November 6 2011
Modern Warfare 3 first fifteen minutes

I’ll be honest I’ve not watched this all the way through because I don’t want the spoilers. I’ve seen it up to the start screen and scanned through the rest and it’s legit but don’t blame me if it turns into Rick Astley at any point. Well, here you go: the first fifteen minutes of Modern Warfare 3. I reckon you’ve got about ten minutes before Activsion take it down…

Modern Warfare 3 kills children

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at 11:38am November 4 2011
Modern Warfare 3 kills children

Well, child. Oh, and most of London. It’s the little girl blown up in Modern Warfare 3‘s terrorist attack that’ll probably get noticed the most. I’m going to put the rest behind the click if you want to avoid spoilers…

Cheat at Modern Warfare 3 already. Maps leaked, learn them

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at 11:48am October 29 2011

A post over at forums apparently has shots of all Modern Warfare 3′s multiplayer maps. Considering copies of the game seem to have been leaked already, it seems plausible. The maps are: Arkaden, Bakaraa, Bootleg, Carbon, Dome, Downturn, Fallen, Hardhat, Interchange, Lockdown, Mission, Outpost, Resistance, Seatown, Underground and Village. Have a look and start momorising those layouts before the game’s November 8th release. 

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