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PS4 “dominant console” & to sell “another 12 million in 2014″, terabyte HDDs by end of year

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at 10:40am February 12 2014
PS4 console & menu

Analyst group Wedbush has published a report predicting great things for PS4, including 12 million further sales this year while becoming “the dominant console at the end of the this cycle”. [Throws to fanboys. Runs].

PS3 price cut predicted for February – no support for “Holiday 14″ without it says Pachter

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at 12:28pm January 20 2014

That the PS3 will drop in price post PS4 launch won’t be a surprise. However industry analyst Michael Pachter is predicting the cut as soon as February for the simple reason that publishers won’t support the machine over Christmas otherwise.

PS4 to ‘win’ generation, 37.7 million sales & $100 price drop in three years say analyst predictions

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at 10:05am January 3 2014
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Man who says stuff, Michael Pachter, is predicting a rosy future for Sony with a forecast of a 30% lead over Microsoft by the end of 2016. He also thinks there’ll be a $100 PS4 price drop by that time.

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