MGS1 Deja-Vu missions

MGS 5 Ground Zeroes gameplay – watch the Déjà Vu mission & Cyborg Ninja unlocked

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at 12:05pm March 21 2014

In case Meik’s impossible Metal Gear Solid obsession isn’t clear then you really need to watch this video where we play through MGS 5 Ground Zeroes Déjà Vu mission on hard to unlock the Cyborg Ninja skin. It ends with a quiz where Dave answers faster than I can Google. The man’s a machine.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes screens show a return for Psycho Mantis

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at 10:01am February 28 2014
mgs 5 ground zeroes psycho mantis

Some new Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes screens have confirmed Psycho Mantis will be making an appearance. He’ll be part of the retro-styled Déjà Vu missions, which are exclusive to the PlayStation version of the game.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes adds MGS1 Deja-Vu mission on PS4 & PS3

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at 03:49pm November 15 2013
MGS 5 ground zeroes de ja vu exclusive playstation content

Here are some new screens and a trailer for Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes and it’s MGS1 Deja-Vu Mission, exclusive to PS4 and PS3. It’s apparently a bespoke level especially made by Kojima for PlayStation.

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