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Metro Last Light also apparently getting a PS4 ‘Redux’ Edition – both games bundled

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at 11:10am March 31 2014

After The Last Of Us’ PS4 listing this morning it looks like Metro Last Light is getting a Redux edition on PS4 as well. Information suggests that this could be a bundle of content including the original Metro 2033.

PS3 Platinum Club – Trophy tips for Metro: Last Light

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at 11:25am September 2 2013
Metro Last Light PS3

Stocked up with military-grade ammo and strapped behind a life-saving gas mask, we head into what remains of Moscow to hunt down some post-apocalyptic trophies. And mutants, lots of mutants. None of Metro: Last Light’s accolades are overly tough, but a number of them require careful planning and execution over a minimum of two playthroughs to complete the set.

Metro: Last Light PS3 review – Silent Hill meets Fallout via The Road

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at 05:00pm May 13 2013

It was the ghost of the hanged man that made me realise Metro: Last Light was trying its damnedest to screw with me. Not scare me, or make me jump, but to get in my head and do unpleasant things. I’d noticed a puddle of dried blood in a grimy underground shelter and didn’t think too much of it until I turned away. For a second I thought I saw a figure dangling from a ceiling pipe. I snapped back. Nothing.

Metro: Last Light PS3 review screens – toasting the apocalypse with a flamethrower

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at 05:00pm May 13 2013

It’s all fire and lightning storms with these new Metro Last Light screens. Who’d have thunk the weather would go so spectacularly belly up during the end of the world?

Metro Last Light Redemption trailer – find out more about Russia’s post-apocalyptic hero Artyom (that’s not him)

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at 06:00pm April 29 2013
metro last light ps3 redemption trailer

Here’s a quick Metro: Last Light trailer giving you a whistle stop tour of its grubby, gloom and doom apocalypse. It actually manages to pack a fair bit in so pay attention. The game’s shaping up nicely so far, although you’ll have to wait until the review embargo lifts next week to find out more.

New Metro: Last Light screens reveal scarred skies, flamethrowers and all the gas masks

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at 04:47pm March 21 2013

Get ready for the apocalypse. These new Metro: Last Light screens rock serious doomsday vibes. Thankfully, the shooter is a carefully paced, chilling delight.

Metro: Last Light PS3 preview – Hands-on with the end of the world as you don’t know it

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at 04:10pm March 21 2013

Chances are, this isn’t on your radar – but you need to rectify your apocalypse-overlooking tunnel vision right now, because Metro: Last Light is brilliant. Like, Resistance 3 brilliant. Built on the same quiet set-piece sensibilities of Half-Life 2, playtesting a near-finished version reveals a shooter brimming with more careful characterisation and storied atmosphere than every post-Modern Warfare COD combined. Also, giant mutant hamsters.

Metro Last Light releasing May 17th in UK – first of THQ’s sold IPs to reach the shops

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at 11:22am March 1 2013
Metro Last Light PS3

Metro Last Light will be releasing in the UK on May 17th according to new publisher Koch Media who bought the IP as part of THQ’s bankruptcy auction.

Metro Last Light preview: A shooter that takes risks

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at 09:00am July 4 2012
Metro Last Light PS3

We’re not saying shooters play it safe or anything (we totally are) but the whole ‘ruined metropolis’ thing is getting as familiar to FPS fans as a walk to the corner shop, and most of the time it’s every bit as nerve-jangling. Been there, shot at that. Last Light’s crumbling soviet cityscape is a bit different though.

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