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Metal Gear Rising – tons of new screens and art

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at 04:51pm November 21 2012
Metal Gear Rising screens

Here are a load of fresh Metal Gear Rising screens and art. Most of the in-game stuff is from the demo but much of the art looks new and shows off a heap of new cyborg bosses.

Metal Gear Rising Cyborg Ninja skin, “will be included in all EU versions of the game!”

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at 10:47am November 21 2012
Metal Gear Rising Cyborg Ninja DLC

[Update: I've just been told this by Konami's UK twitter, "Just thought you should know, the Cyborg Ninja skin in MG Rising will be included in all EU versions of the game! Thank you!".]

Gamestop US is currently offering the original Metal Gear Solid Cyborg Ninja as a pre-order bonus skin. So far we’ve only seen a Metal Gear Rising Collector’s Edition offering steelbooks, Raiden figures and armour DLC but that’s huge and expensive. This is probably the first of a few smaller offers

Metal Gear Rising collector editions and pre-orders announced: Steelbooks DLC and figures up for grabs

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at 01:52pm October 31 2012
metal gear rising pre-orders and special editions

Konami has announced it’s special edition and pre-order incentives for Metal Gear Rising. They include various DLC options, steelbooks and a massive Raiden figure.

New Metal Gear Rising trailer introduces stealth elements, many-armed women, gargantuan boss fights

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at 02:49pm September 20 2012
Metal Gear Rising screens

Platinum Games and Kojima Creation’s slashtacular lovechild Metal Gear Rising shows no signs of easing up on the insane-o-gram (in fact it broke OPM’s when we ran some tests, and those things are expensive). However, it is keen to instil upon your excited/cynical minds the notion that it’s not all chopping helicopters julienne and running from explosions. I mean, it is that, but there’s stealth too. Honest.

New Metal Gear Rising screens make the day even more Metal Gear-y

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at 04:21pm August 30 2012
Metal Gear Rising screens

Hey look it’s new Metal Gear Rising screens. Seems the Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes announcement wasn’t enough MGS for one day so Konami have released 5 shots of Raiden’s solo adventure.

No Metal Gear Rising on PS Vita, cutting system “only possible with the power of a PS3″

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at 11:31am August 21 2012
Metal Gear Rising gamescom screens

Creative producer Yuji Korekado has confirmed there’s no PS Vita version of Metal Gear Rising on the way with an emphatic, “as of now, we haven’t contemplated bringing it to handheld consoles”.

Metal Gear Rising release date and Gamescom screens: Slicey AND stabby

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at 11:28am August 15 2012
Metal Gear Rising gamescom screens

New Metal Gear Rising Gamescom screens seem be undoing the bad taste left by some previous less than impressive Rising screens. Konami have also confirmed a release date for the Platinum Games developed cut-’em-up.

Metal Gear Rising hands on video preview: it’s “crazy fun”

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at 01:00pm July 23 2012
Metal Gear Rising PS3 Platinum

Metal Gear Rising is apparently “crazy fun” according to Joel, who’s one of the lucky few to have played it. Here he is with Leon to talk about the recent gameplay video and how slicing things up really works.

Metal Gear Rising gameplay video shows off slicing, looks better than the screens

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at 01:11pm July 20 2012
Metal Gear Rising screens

After some slightly worrying Metal Gear Rising screens, this video shows off the first 3 minutes of gameplay and looks a hell of of a lot better.

Metal Gear Rising screens features a ton of blood and MISSILE JUMPING!

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at 03:42pm July 16 2012
Metal Gear Rising screens

The latest Metal Gear Rising screens are treading a dangerous line between high camp and all out action. Blood and guts one minute, hopping from missile to missile the next.

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