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Medal Of Honor Warfighter PS3 review – shooting for America like its 2007

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at 10:00am October 25 2012
Medal Of Honor Warfighter PS3 review

Warfighter is at best competent. A slightly damning indictment meaning that at its highest shooty peaks this is basically average. And a five odd year old average at that, with dialogue and gameplay that crib so hard from the Modern Warfare/Generation Kill school of American foreign policy that it touches down somewhere between parody and homage. Apparently this season’s way to talk in armyland is to call everyone “brother”. Roger? Over. Review actual. Hard copy, out.

Medal Of Honor Warfighter online beta ad ditches shooting for… eh, Darren Bent, bibs and balls

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at 04:44pm October 11 2012

The recent Medal Of Honor Warfighter online beta is trying to get your attention with the help of Aston Villa striker Darren Bent. Wait, what?

Medal Of Honor Warfighter trophies

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at 12:15pm October 4 2012

Nothing amazing here in terms of info or spoilers with these Medal Of Honor Warfighter trophies. Unless you like finding out level names, in which case your ship has finally come in.

Medal Of Honor DLC cashes in on the hunt for Bin Laden

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at 05:08pm September 10 2012

Ugh. Medal Of Honor: Warfighter’s new DLC is leaving a taste in our gobs akin to week old doner meat smothered in Marmite. The shooter’s Hunt map pack has just been announced and it essentially involves shooting folk up in some of Osama Bin Laden’s favourite hidey holes.

Medal Of Honor Warfighter E3 screenshots take you back to the front

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at 10:47am June 8 2012
Medal of Honor Warfighter PS3 E3 2012_small

Fresh Medal of Honor Warfighter screenshots from E3 2012, using all the Battlefield 3 engine’s graphical wow factor. EA’s shooter is scheduled for an October 26 release date.

Medal of Honor Warfighter PS3 preview: “We’re playing the long game”

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at 09:00am April 20 2012
Medal of Honor Warfighter ps3 preview screens

Military shooter? Time to bust out a bit of the old cynicism, then. After all, crowded marketplace, dominance of CoD, yadda yadda. But after Medal of Honor’s tentative return to the fray in 2010, initial impressions of Warfighter are encouraging – it looks like Modern Warfare running in Battlefield 3’s engine.

Medal Of Honor Warfighter PS3 screens

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at 09:00am April 20 2012
medal of honor warfighter ps3 preview screens

Here are the latest screens for Medal Of Honor Warfighter showing off how Tier 1 hand a hostage situation in the Philippines.

New Medal Of Honor Warfighter PS3 gameplay trailer is basically COD on Frostbite 2

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at 02:25pm April 12 2012
MOH Warfighter

Walking into explosions so you see your feet as you fly backwards? Check. Slow motion breaches. Check. The reassuring presence of a bearded man in a boonie hat? N… wait, check. The new Medal Of Honor Warfighter PS3 gameplay trailer really does looks like COD.

How Medal Of Honor: Warfighter can outshoot Call Of Duty

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at 12:37pm March 8 2012
medal of honor warfighter modern warfare 3

Whether it’s Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 or Modern Warfare 4 (alright, almost certainly the former) Medal Of Honour: Warfighter will be up against an Activision FPS juggernaut come Crimbo. While EA’s new shooter is unlikely to peg back the Biggest Damn Entertainment Franchise In The History Of The World Eva, it can certainly break new technical and narrative ground to overtake it critically. So here’s some ways we…

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter – new screens and info

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at 10:30am March 7 2012
Medal Of Honor PS3 screen

See, I said it had boats yesterday when the Medal Of Honor Warfighter trailer was released. Now there are screens and some info about the what and where of the game. Weirdly, the focus of the story seems to be marrige counseling. Really.

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