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Mass Effect trilogy for PS4 “discussed” by Bioware internally

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at 11:08am March 3 2014
Mass effect 2

The possibility of a remastered Mass Effect trilogy on PS4 has apparently been “discussed internally” by Bioware, although there are no “solid plans” as yet.

Mass Effect 3: behind the scenes. “This is your personal war”

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at 12:56pm February 16 2012
Mass Effect 3 demo PS3

There’s a familiar, determined look in Commander Shepard’s eye. He knows. That in about ten seconds, the Reapers will land and tear the Alliance HQ apart, along with the rest of Earth. That the fate of the planet, even the galaxy, hangs in the balance. That this is the battle he’s been waiting for since the Mass Effect trilogy began. And while generals and bureaucrats wring their hands with indecision,…

Six new Mass Effect 3 screens

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at 05:00am September 15 2011

New images from Gamescom show the more combat heavy side of EA’s RPG shooter Mass Effect 3 – new melee weapons, huge mech and things with far too many eyes. Check them out here.

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