Mass Effect 4

BioWare tease N7-related spin-offs as we wait for Mass Effect 4

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at 12:49pm May 13 2013

In an interview with our sister mag OXM, various developers at BioWare hinted at Mass Effect spin-offs while we all wait for the next proper entry in the sci-fi series.

The debate: should Mass Effect 4 be a prequel?

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at 12:51pm February 22 2013

David Meikleham and Phil Iwaniuk use their words to settle whether Mass Effect 4 should be a prequel, or distance itself from Shep’s story entirely. Fight!

Mass Effect 4 in “early stages of design”

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at 11:53am November 9 2012
Mass Effect 4

Casey Hudson the ‘executive producer of the Mass Effect series’ has tweeted that Bioware are starting work on “a completely new Mass Effect game” and has also asked fans what they want to see.

Mass Effect 3 “Closing up major storylines. We wrap it up here” says lead writer

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at 09:54pm February 2 2012
Mass Effect 3 demo PS3

Lead writer Mac Walters has been talking Mass Effect sequels, or not as the case may be. Interviewed in this month’s Official PlayStation Magazine UK Mass Effect 3 feature, when asked about continuing the ‘trilogy’ and Mass Effect 4 he replied, “There’s definitely nothing we’ve purposely left open because we really wanted to wrap it up here. Does that mean there’s not other things out there that we’ve missed, or just other opportunities…

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