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Mad Max on PS4 – Just Cause 2 devs brings the pain to a Gibson-less wasteland

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at 01:00pm February 12 2014
Mad Max ps4

Don’t write off Max as just another rusty retread of the apocalyptic junkyard world you’ve seen in so many games already. The Mad Max film series invented this stuff in 1981, and any variant you’ve seen in a game since has sprouted directly from that movie’s less-than-verdant ground. With games having profited from Max’s influence for decades, it’s about time that the original Road Warrior took his rather dubious turf back.

There is a Mad Max videogame after all, and it’s coming to PS3 & PS4

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at 11:45am June 11 2013
Mad Max PS4

The oft-rumoured Mad Max game has finally surfaced at E3 2013 with this sparse trailer. Available 2014 for PS3 & PS4, It’s being developed by Just Cause developer Avalanche, and promises a similar strain of open-world sandbox play, with fewer cod-Spanish accents (probably) and more metal-studded leather (probably).

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