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Ni no Kuni PS3 review – Out of the niche, into your PS3

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at 12:17pm January 18 2013
Ni no Kuni

I’m worried about Ni No Kuni – an RPG I fell for the instant I booted it up and selected ‘new game’ – because I don’t know who’s going to buy it. Okay, I know you’re going to buy it, squeeing into your hand-crocheted Porco Rosso snuggie as you check out the screenshots. It’s the guy behind you I’m anxious about. The one who’ll only stop playing Black Ops 2 when he snaps the discs in a fit of pique. (“Oh – shot through a wall. That’s fair.”) He’s going to see a cheery fight sequence against a swashbuckling cat named Purrloiner and cut this game out of his life forever. And that’s genuinely a bit depressing.

Ni no Kuni demo is up on the Store, watch us play it now

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at 04:33pm December 5 2012

A two part demo for the the Level 5/Studio Ghibli’s JRPG Ni no Kuni went up on the PSN today. Here myself and Kim to play through the first part and discuss its old school role playing charms. There’s a world map. Kim gets really excited about the world map.

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