Knack PS4 review – D’oh of the Colossus

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at 04:46pm November 29 2013
Knack PS4

From the very first glimpse of Knack at Sony’s PS4 reveal, something seemed off. Had Japan Studios really assembled the game’s star from scraps of gaudy costume jewelry or did it just seem that way? And the parts of his body that didn’t consist of turquoise gemstones and etched gold took the form of claw-like shards. Even if you felt compelled to hug him, you’d risk succumbing to multiple puncture wounds.

We’re streaming Knack right now. Watch Official PlayStation Mag’s Jason pound robots

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at 10:26am November 27 2013
Knack PS4

Here’s Jason streaming Knack live on Twitch. It’s half ten as I write this and he’s just started so not long past the tutorial. If you want to see what else Mark Cerny did when he was making the PS4, here you go.

Knack Quest ios app on itune now – it’s Bejeweled, with Knack

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at 10:26am November 7 2013
knack ios

If you want to start preparing for PS4 you can now play Knack’s companion app on iOS. It’s basically a Bejeweled clone that lets links up to the main game, letting you, “use items you collect in the app within the PS4 title KNACK”. How isn’t explained.

New Knack screens & info – 90 minutes of mo-capped cutscenes promise “some familiar voice acting talent”

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at 03:48pm October 18 2013
Knack PS4

There’s some new info on PS4′s Knack covering the story, key characters and a variety of his abilities. The various forms Knack can take have distinct pro and cons – metal is powerful for example but make him magnetic. There’s also apparently, “90 minutes of fully mo-capped cinematic cutscenes (featuring some familiar voice acting talent)”.

You can now digitally pre-order PS4 games on the PS3 Store

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at 11:46am October 16 2013
Knack PS4 co-op screens

You can now digitally pre-order PS4 games on PS3, Sony has recently tweeted. It’s a weird selection though: the child friendly Knack and Warframe which is free-to-play anyway.

New screens for Knack’s co-op mode on PS4

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at 02:42pm September 23 2013
Knack PS4 co-op screens

Here are a few new screens of Knack’s co-op mode on PS4. The new shots show the in-game partner, Robo-Knack, who fights alongside Knack in two player games. The pair have similar abilities including the power to grow in size by absorbing parts.

Knack’s “nostalgic atmosphere” explained by Mark Cerny in Japanese

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at 01:02pm August 30 2013
Screen shot 2013-08-30 at 1.00.21 PM

I will always be impressed by people who have a second language. But then living in Japan does help. Here’s PS4′s daddy Mark Cerny explaining more about Knack in fluent Japanese.

Knack co-op announced. Prepare for bromantic bot antics

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at 10:54am August 27 2013

PS4 lead architect and game director Mark Cerny announced a Knack co-op mode at Gamescom last week. He says he designed the feature to help kids learn the game. Awww.

Knack PS4 trailer – Sony’s platformer’s aiming for a younger audience

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at 03:17pm June 20 2013
Knack PS4 screens

Here’s a trailer for Knack, the first PS4 game ever revealed. It’s also one of three PS4 launch games along with DriveClub and Killzone Shadow Fall. Sorry Knack, but I am all about the Killzones.

Knack PS4 E3 gameplay & presentation – one for the kids by the looks of it

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at 11:57am June 17 2013
_bmUploads_2013-06-11_4038_Blog Screen 2

Here’s some Knack PS4 gameplay from a PlayStation E3 Livecast presented by Mark Cerny, the PS4′s lead system architect. I have to admit, I’m not feeling this too much – looks like it’s aimed at a very young audience.

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