Don’t Starve PS4 review – The title is the only help you’ll get

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at 01:08pm January 14 2014
Don't Starve on PS4 PS Plus

It’d be easy to think Don’t Starve hates you. Actually hates you. A stern survival game with no instructions, no help, no anything. Just a floundering succession of slightly more progressive attempts at not dying. Now this is going to sound odd: that’s why it’s brilliant.

Don’t Starve beginners guide & tips for PS4 – food, sanity & crafting basics covered

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at 01:00pm January 9 2014
Don't Starve

If you’ve been having trouble with Don’t Starve then here’s a guide to help you through the darkest nights. These basic beginner’s tips should get you started and see you survive for the first few nights at least. This is, after all, a game that makes not telling you how anything works part of its charm (honest) so don’t feel bad about feeling lost.

Don’t Starve on PS Vita “possible” say Klei

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at 11:54am January 6 2014
Don't Starve

Don’t Starve could be coming to PS Vita according to developer Klei. In a tweet the studio stated it was “looking at if it’s possible to do”. The survival adventure is one of PS Plus’ free PS4 games this month.

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