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Killzone Mercenary gets two free multiplayer maps – Tharsis Depot & Blood Gracht. Again

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at 10:42am February 19 2014
blood gracht

Guerrilla Cambridge has announced two free maps for Killzone Mercenary which will be available today at 12pm. If the names sound familiar it’s because they’re staples dating back to Killzone 2.

Killzone Mercenary getting three updates: patch sized reduced & two free multiplayer maps

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at 12:27pm November 27 2013
New Killzone Mercenary mutiplayer maps

Guerrilla Cambridge has announced a trio of patches to free up some space on your memory card after those massive Killzone Mercenary 1GB updates. There’s also balancing and improvements to the online game on the way and two free multiplayer maps.

Killzone Mercenary gets a second 1GB patch, needs 2G to install

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at 05:14pm October 17 2013
Killzone Mercenary PS Vita screens

Ouch. You’ve got a big memory card right? The second Killzone Mercenary patch is on the way and it’s another 1GB monster. The extra bad news is that you’ll need that extra memory on top of the first Killzone Mercenary 1GB patch, although you’ll get it back – once the new update’s installed the old one will be deleted.

Killzone Mercenary’s has 1.2GB patch for “general stability fixes & performance optimisations”

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at 10:48am September 4 2013
killzone mercenary patch

Killzone Mercenary has a not insubstantial 1.2GB (1190MB) patch sitting ready for day one, bumping a digital download version of the game from 3.3GB to 4.5GB. There’s no information other than it fixes “general stability fixes & performance optimisations”.

Killzone: Mercenary PS Vita review – stunning Vekta graphics can’t save Guerrilla’s missed opportunity

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at 08:00am September 4 2013
Killzone Mercenary PS Vita screens

It’s a technical marvel, you understand. Watching a game that looks at first glance indistinguishable from Killzone 3 run on the Vita’s pint-sized circuitry is one of few novelties that never really wears off throughout Aaron Danner’s handheld Higg-massacre.

15 minutes of Killzone Mercenary single player gameplay – man, *loads* of people get stabbed

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at 04:56pm August 22 2013

Killzone Mercenary really likes it’s melee knife kills. It’s almost like the game can’t go two minutes without some sort of touchscreen stabbing. Anyway, here’s a 15 minute montage of random action showing off a range of weapons and locations.

Killzone Mercenary screens are full of Vita vim and vigour

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at 03:21pm August 21 2013
Killzone Mercenary PS Vita screens

Is Killzone: Mercenary Vita’s prettiest game? It’s certainly the most technically impressive, appearing to have lost very little of Killzone 3′s graphical heft by shrinking its engine down to teenie tiny handheld proportions. Here’s a new batch of screens that don’t go as hard on the orange and blue as Shadow Fall, but come damn near.

First Killzone Mercenary beta footage emerges, looks pretty

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at 03:50pm August 2 2013
Screen shot 2013-08-02 at 3.18.58 PM

Obviously I’m absolutely fine with not being in on the beta this time so seeing a Killzone Mercenary video showing how good it looks honestly isn’t a big deal. It really isn’t

Killzone Mercenary beta now live – multiplayer details & trailer

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at 12:25pm August 1 2013
Killzone Mercenary PS Vita screens

The Killzone Mercenary beta is now live [Checks mail… bugger.] If, like some of us, you’re not playing it then Sony have released a video explaining all the stuff you’re missing out on. You shouldn’t have.

Killzone: Mercenary gameplay video – 30+ minutes of the PS Vita shooter in action

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at 10:53am July 25 2013
Killzone Mercenary screens

After our Killzone Mercenary preview yesterday a load of video has emerged. Loads. Well over half an hour of the PS Vita shooter in action and it really does look incredible.

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