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Bioshock PS Vita release date this year (seems unlikely)

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at 10:51am May 9 2012
Bioshock release date

Zavvi have gone live with an order page that lets you pre order the game right now for £34.95 although their Bioshock PS Vita release date would see it out ahead of Bioshock Infinite.

Bioshock Infinite heavy hitter trailer 4: The Siren

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at 01:09pm March 28 2012

Irrational have revealed the final Heavy Hitter, a class of special combat-altering enemies that so far have included the Mechanised Patriot, Handyman, Boys of Silence and now the Siren. She’s a spectral opera singer that can reanimate dead bodies influenced by the 19th century’s fascination with spiritualism and the paranormal. I kind of hoping Irrational shut up now. I’d have loved to have met this thing as a surprise, it would have been terrifying. 

Meet Bioshock Infinite’s latest Heavy Hitter: Boys of Silence

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at 12:24pm March 20 2012

It really looks like Bioshock Infinite is getting weirder by the minute. The latest Heavy Hitter announced is described as ‘a camera that moves’. It seems to be a small boy locked inside a helmet that listens for you and calls for reinforcements with a horrible metal scream. It suggests there’s more to the Hitters than just the brute force demonstrated by the Handyman and Mechanised Patriot revealed so far. 

Bioshock Infinite’s Handyman re-revealed in PS3 trailer

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at 12:32pm March 14 2012

Here’s the latest Heavy Hitter to be (re)revealed for Bioshock Infinite: The Handyman. He’s under gone a little redesign since his brylcreem and moustache debut but the essential concept remains – big angry metal monkey man thing that will smash you up good.

Bioshock Infinite Motorized Patriot trailer

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at 01:29pm March 8 2012
Bioshock Infinite Mechanical Patriot

After today’s reveal of Bioshock Infinite’s Motorized Patriot, a murderous clockwork George Washington with a minigun, Irrational Games have followed it up with a video showing the creepy thing in action.

Bioshock: Infinite reveals the Motorized Patriot

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at 10:01am March 8 2012
Bioshock Infinite Mechanical Patriot

The new enemy is part of a class of Bioshock Infinite opponents called ‘heavy hitters’. Director Ken Levine has revealed the Motorized Patriot saying ”Unlike most of the enemies, he’s completely fearless. He doesn’t have a sense of self-preservation, so he’ll just keep coming at you and coming at you.” So he’s basically a clockwork Terminator. 

Ken Levine’s a huge God Of War fan. Kratos “sort of a b*stard”

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at 01:58pm December 14 2011
Ken Levine God Of War

Speaking to PlayStation Access (new episode on the PSN today) Ken Levine has expressed a love for all things greek and murdery. “I’m a huge fan of the God Of War series. When I was a kid I used to love Clash Of The Titans, I was sort of drawn to that period.”

“If Todd Howard has taken an ounce of inspiration from us I’m sure I’ve taken a pound from them” Ken Levine

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at 01:08pm December 12 2011
Bioshock Skyrim

Speaking to PlayStation Access Ken Levine has talked about the creative process and influences between other games. When asked a reader question about similarities between Bioshock and Skyrim’s “magic in one hand weapon in the other” set up, Levine said, “There is a constant back and forth”.

Ken Levine explains the birth of Bioshock Infinite

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at 03:49pm December 7 2011
BioShock Infinite PS3 Colombia

Speaking to PlayStation Access Ken Levine has been talking about what makes Bioshock, well, Bioshock. Levine says the decision to leave the sea and move to the floating sky city of Colombia came once he and Irrational Studios had decided they’d ”said what we wanted to say about Rapture”. Despite the shift into the clouds, though, the series’ creative director thinks it doesn’t matter where the game’s set, as long as it adheres…

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