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Bioshock Infinite DLC announced – Buried At Sea two parter returns to Rapture

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at 01:35pm July 30 2013

Irrational Games have announced a triple pack of DLC for Bioshock Infinite: a combat-based challenge called Clash In The Clouds and a two part story placing Booker and Elizabeth in Rapture. (Spoilers if you haven’t finished Infinite)

Bioshock Infinite’s Ken Levine on creating compelling narrative, believable companions & what makes a game memorable

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at 11:04am March 14 2013
Ken Levine

We chat to Ken Levine about all things relating to Bioshock Infinite. Out interview covers everything from the outbreak of development gossip to the religious nature of the game, making Elizabeth believable and why first person is the best way to tell a story.

Ken Levine talks Bioshock Infinite development rumours & multiplayer: “It was a little frustrating”

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at 11:56am February 12 2013
Ken Levine

Cast your mind back a few months and clouds seemed to be forming over Bioshock Infinite, with- rumours of mass team departures and cut multiplayer. According to Ken Levine, “It was a little frustrating for us”. Not because anything was actually wrong according to Levine but simply because, “We didn’t have any news for so long it allowed time for speculation”.

Bioshock Infinite altered after “conversations with religious people on the team” says Levine

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at 01:55pm January 18 2013
Bioshock Infinite new screens

Ken Levine has been talking about some of the religious themes in Bioshock Infinite, specifically how one of the characters became “highly altered” after conversations with religious members of the team.

Bioshock Infinite gets a reversible cover. Options down to fan vote say Ken Levine

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at 12:29pm December 14 2012
Bioshock infinite cover

Bioshock Infinite is getting a reversible cover which will be decided by fan vote Ken Levine has revealed. There are 6 options and Irrational Games are promising a wealth of downloadable alternatives.

Ken Levine explains the Bioshock Infinite box art. The man speaks sense

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at 12:15pm December 10 2012
Bioshock Infinite box art

A lot of people got upset when the Bioshock Infinite box art was revealed. With all its frowny man/gun action fans felt it was seeling the game short. According to director Ken Levine is isn’t, it’s selling it hard.

Bioshock Infinite cosplayer hired to be the “official face of Elizabeth”

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at 03:57pm December 3 2012
Bioshock infinite cosplayer Elizabeth

Remember the amazing Ormeli, responsible for the Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth cosplay, who we interviewed last year? Irrational Games liked her so much that they’ve hired her to be the “official face of Elizabeth”.

Bioshock Infinite Premium and Ultimate Songbird Edition pre-orders announced by Ken Levine

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at 01:15pm October 18 2012
Bioshock Infinite Songbird collectors edition

Irrational have announced two Bioshock Infinite special editions that include a 9 and a half inch Songbird statue and extras like figurines, art prints and book, plus DLC stuff.

Bioshock Infinite staff leave, multiplayer cancelled, “team struggle to meet promise”

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at 03:35pm August 10 2012
Bioshock Infinite PS3

According to reports Bioshock Infinite is in big trouble with staff leaving, staff shipped in to help and multiplayer modes canceled. Word is, “the development team has struggled to craft a full game that meets the promise of the early demos”.

Bioshock Infinite release date move to Feb 2013, missing E3 and Gamescom

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at 02:12pm May 9 2012
Bioshock Infinite PS3

Director Ken Levine has announced that the Bioshock Infinite release date will be pushed back to February 2013. This is apparently to allow “tweaks and improvements will make Infinite even more extraordinary”.

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