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David Cage made the wrong game with Beyond – we need Kara on PS4

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at 11:16am December 11 2013
Kara David Cage sony e3 conference

When is a game not a game? The correct answer is when it’s a tech demo. That elusive slice of forward-looking graphical bewitchery that rarely ever gets a proper release. And in the case of David Cage’s beguiling Kara, that’s a massive shame.

The making of KARA: three actresses, a chair and two men paid to touch Valorie Curry

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at 02:26pm March 28 2012

It’s a real shame Quantic Dream’s Kara PS3 tech demo will never be a real game as there’s something magical about watching Valorie Curry doing the whole robot come to life thing. This behind the scenes video has plenty of that with audition footage, rehearsals and final performance capture. It also shows that Valerie wasn’t the only girl playing Kara, with stand ins recording the foreign language sections, while the robot arm stuff was achieved with…

David Cage on PS Vita and PS4

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at 10:25am March 22 2012
ps4 ps vita david cage

He might be pushing PS3 to its limits with GDC’s incredible Kara demo, but Quantic Dream’s David Cage also has an interest in developing (presumably really French and ultra emotional) games for Vita. Speaking to the Papa of Interactive Drama at GDC a few weeks ago, Cage revealed his admiration for Sony’s new handheld and even had something to say about PlayStation 4.

Official PlayStation Magazine podcast episode 34

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at 04:02pm March 21 2012
pod image

Goodbye Ezio, hello… Connor? This month’s Official PlayStation Magazine podcast finds editor Ben Wilson and the team taking a closer look at Assassin’s Creed III, discussing what Quantic Dream’s new tech demo Kara means for the future of PS3, and revisiting the midnight launch of PlayStation Vita. Also: the team’s all-time favourite game soundtracks, who they’d give their last Rolo to, and staff writer Louise takes on the tequila challenge…

David Cage outlines how Kara demo tech improves on Heavy Rain

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at 12:46pm March 9 2012
Kara quantic dream ps3 tech demo

Speaking in an interview with the EU PlayStation Blog Quantic Dream’s boss David Cage has spoken about the technology advances in his Kara PS3 demo, and how things have advanced since Heavy Rain and The Casting, his previous tech demo. He says it’s been a “a big investment” and “a very interesting process”. Mainly, though, he’s been blowing the budget on cameras. 

Quantic Dream’s David Cage says “the next games” will look much better than Kara.

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at 05:20pm March 8 2012
Kara could do better

Interesting plural there. David Cage, Quantic Dream’s boss and Heavy Rain director has been talking to both CVG and VG247 about the incredible Kara PS3 tech demo that, so far, has stolen the show at this year’s GDC. “Kara was made a year ago, so the technology has evolved a lot since then” he told CVG.

Who is Kara? Meet the actress behind Quantic Dream’s PS3 Tech demo

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at 02:05am March 8 2012
Who is Kara

The good news is that Quantic Dream’s phenomenal Kara PS3 tech demo star is a real girl. The bad news is that you’re going to have to sit through Twilight if you want more of her.

Quantic Dream’s Kara PS3 demo: a reaction from Official PlayStation Magazine UK

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at 01:39am March 8 2012
Kara Quantic Dream PS3 demo

In a word: Wow. In eight: Over to you, Microsoft. Over to you, Nintendo.

Quantic Dream’s Kara PS3 Tech demo

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at 01:16am March 8 2012
Quantic Dream Kara PS3 demo

So here it is. Forget anything you think is important in the gaming world: Quantic Dream have revealed Kara, their new post-Heavy Rain sequel tech demo and it is astonishing. Who needs PS4 when the console you have in your room right now can look this good. According to Quantic Dream, “the following footage is a prototype running in real time on PlayStation 3″. In which case, holy sh…

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