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Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two PS Vita review – Falling into a mouse trap

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at 12:20pm September 25 2013
Epic Mickey 2 move

The most frustrating thing about this 3D puzzle-platformer? How good it could have been. With the House Of Mouse licence and Warren ‘Deus Ex’ Spector at the helm, old big ears’ Vita debut ought to have been ace – and fragments of a good game do shine through at points. Sadly, other frustrations hold it back by its giant lugholes. I’ll get to those in a moment.

Epic Mickey: The Power of Two PS3 review – There’s a rabbit loose about this house

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at 11:45am November 19 2012
epic mickey the power of two ps3 review

Stepping into the world of Wasteland in the overly large shoes of the eponymouse himself is a lot like entering the gates of the Magic Kingdom. Although this is Walt’s rejected toy pile, full of all the Disney magic that never quite made the final cut, it’s an enormous universe that’s stuffed to the big ears with Technicolor charm and huge environments to explore.

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