Joe Danger 2: The Movie

Joe Danger 2: The Movie PSN review – network star skids onto the big screen

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at 04:08pm October 10 2012

Mr. Danger won himself a big fanbase when he burst onto PSN back in 2010, offering an inventive racing/platformer hybrid made from Trials HD’s stunt courses, LittleBigPlanet’s physics and boyhood fantasies of lunatic daring.

First Joe Danger “made back everything in the first few hours of release”

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at 12:53pm October 10 2012
Joe Danger 2 the movie

Hello Games’ Sean Murray held a Reddit AMA last night to promote Joe Danger 2: The Movie. In it he talked about the financial realities of making an indie game (he sold his house to fund the first game) and why he left Criterion. Hello have also made a lovely video diary to show what life’s like as an indie dev (it involves pizza and hats apparently).

Joe Danger 2 releases next week. Includes Gaiden mode, “a complete game that takes ten hours to complete”

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at 04:00pm October 5 2012
Joe Danger 2 PSN release

Joe Danger 2 finally releases on PSN next week, hitting Europe on October the 10th for £9.99. The PS3 version includes an improved level editor, Youtube support and something called ‘Joe Danger Gaiden’

Joe Danger 2 release on PSN “in the next couple of weeks”. Screens and info

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at 04:00pm September 26 2012
Joe Danger 2 the movie

The little stuntman extraordinaire returns with Joe Danger 2 finally getting a PSN release “in the next couple of weeks”, according to Hello Games founder Sean Murray. There’ll also be around 10 hours of extra content to make up for the delay.

Joe Danger 2: The Movie: The trailer

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at 11:33am August 10 2012
joe danger 2 the movie

Here’s the first trailer for Joe Danger 2: The Movie. Hello games stunty sequel sees Joe racing 20 new vehicles over a hundred levels of film inspired madness. It will make you smile.

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