Killzone Shadow Fall PlayGo tech explained, multiplayer weapons balanced “on the fly” without patches

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at 12:56pm October 22 2013
Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer details & screens

In this third and final part of our interview with Killzone Shadow Fall’s lead designer Eric Boltjes, he tells us how the PS4 game’s play-while-you-download system works, as well as background updates that improve multiplayer weapon balance without you even noticing. That’s the theory anyway. Here’s how it works.

The Bureau VP talks reinvention: “We wanted to capture what makes XCOM XCOM”

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at 01:00pm May 13 2013

When we first saw the ‘other’ XCOM game, it was a first-person shooter with a sexy Mad Men-styel visual overlay. Then: nothing. A year later it reappeared as a first-person shooter with third-person squad commanding. Then: nothing. But now it’s back for realsies, and we’ve even played it. But what of that storied development?

Making Diablo 3 for PS3: Blizzard on changes, new boss fights, why no Move & DLC plans

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at 04:16pm May 7 2013
Diablo 3 PS3

Not too long back I got a chance to talk to Matthew Burger, the senior designer on the PS3 version of Diablo 3. We talked about adapting the PC version for PS3, including the widespread changes to the controls, interface and loads more.

The other Naughty Dog: co-founder of the Uncharted studio chats next-gen, The Last Of Us, and how he’d fix Crash Bandicoot

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at 02:13pm May 7 2013
andrew gavin

Without Andrew Gavin, there’s a chance Nathan Drake, Sully, Joel and Ellie would never have found a home on PS3. Even though he left Naughty Dog just before the studio made the first Uncharted, Gavin was instrumental in getting the company off the ground, co-founding the Santa Monica-based developer in 1986 with Jason Rubin. We caught up with him for an chat, where he talked about saving the bandicoot, his love of novels and what he thinks Naughty Dog is capable of on next-gen.

Ken Levine talks Bioshock Infinite development rumours & multiplayer: “It was a little frustrating”

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at 11:56am February 12 2013
Ken Levine

Cast your mind back a few months and clouds seemed to be forming over Bioshock Infinite, with- rumours of mass team departures and cut multiplayer. According to Ken Levine, “It was a little frustrating for us”. Not because anything was actually wrong according to Levine but simply because, “We didn’t have any news for so long it allowed time for speculation”.

Crystal Dynamics: “Playing original Tomb Raider allowed us to understand the franchise enough to take the step we’re taking now”

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at 02:34pm December 14 2012
Tomb Raider PS3 screens

We spoke recently to Crystal Dynamics creative director Noah Hughes about Tomb Raider. Here he talks about how playing the first game helped the team shape the latest and why there aren’t any dinosaurs this time.

Dan Houser on GTA 5

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at 11:54pm November 8 2012
Dan Houser

Dan Houser is the vice president of creativity at Rockstar (along with his brother Sam). They created the Grand Theft Auto series but are notoriously shy of the press so when they talk it’s a big deal. Here’s everything Dan has to say on GTA 5.

Assassin’s Creed 3′s Alex Hutchinson interview: “following Ezio is going to be a challenge, no matter what you do”

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at 01:00pm November 6 2012
Assassin's Creed 3 screens

Just before Assassin’s Creed 3 came out we sat down to chat to director Alex Hutchinson about creating the next installment in the series, the newer elements of the game and the changes number three brings. Assassin’s Creed 3′s interview OPM How did the Homestead come about? Alex Hutchinson I was pitching it to the team early on as this quest-driven train set. You go out into the world, you see people in…

The Last Of Us lets you “completely avoid combat if you want”

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at 03:38pm October 15 2012
The Last Of Us E3 gameplay screens

There’s a lot of violence in the The Last Of Us – really strong, unflinching violence. But Naughty Dog community strategist Arne Meyer says it is optional should you want, letting you avoid combat altogether if you don’t want to beat hobos to death with a chair leg.

Black Ops 2′s new multiplayer, perks and leagues – design director David Vonderhaar explains all

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at 01:00pm October 12 2012
Black Ops 2 screens

A lot’s changed in the new Black Ops 2 multiplayer. Treyarch have taken a good hard look at the systems and rethought everything from the ground up. Here to explain it all is design director David Vonderhaar.

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