infamous second son screens

inFamous Second Son review screens – get a look at what Delsin can do

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at 02:00pm March 20 2014
inFAMOUS Second Son ps4 review

To go with our inFamous Second Son review here Sony’s released a bunch of new screens showing Delsin in action against the scenic backing of Seattle.

New inFamous Second Son screens show new powers, locations &… monsters?

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at 12:13pm March 17 2014
infamous second son new powers

A whole ton of new inFamous Second Son screens have appeared online and I mean loads. There’s plenty of images showing new powers and what appears to be winged bat things causing trouble.

New inFamous Second Son screens show neon & Seattle

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at 10:44am March 5 2014
inFamous Second Son screens

A new batch of screens have appeared for inFamous Second Son as its March 21st release date draws near. These focus on Delsin’s neon power and a some new areas of Seattle.

New inFamous Second Son screens continue to look impossibly pretty

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at 04:55pm February 12 2014
infamous Second son screens

Here’s a bunch of new inFamous Second Son screens that continue to look incredible, following a theme the game been pushing hard recently as Sucker Punch shows more of it’s flashy PS4 tech.

New inFamous Second Son screens show beautiful Seattle & real world landmarks

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at 11:13am February 5 2014
infamous second son screen

After a trailer showing off the super beauty tech Sucker Punch are packing into inFamous Second Son we’ve now got some screens revealing even more detail. And that ‘toe truck’ is a real thing and actually an iconic thing in Seattle.

New inFamous Second Son character art hints at a major supporting role from Fetch

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at 02:54pm January 30 2014
fetch infamous

Ruh Rowe, here’s some piping hot inFamous Second Son character art showing Delsin, his brother (the Ray Liotta/Jake Gyllenhaal hybrid in the comfy-looking jacket) and lady Conduit Abigail “Fetch” Walker, whose involvement in the story has previously been downplayed by Sucker Punch. Gaze at them, and then curse all those pesky days between now and its March 21st release date.

New inFamous Second Son screens and art show purdy cityscapes. See, it’s not all smoky death

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at 03:12pm January 15 2014

See, inFamous: Second Son on PS4 ain’t all about frying shady government soldiers with a cocksure, super-powered graffiti artist. A batch of lovely new concept art shows off the game’s softer side. Awww… now lets barbecue some soldiers, b*tches!

New Infamous Second Son screens show neon powers. Might as well die pretty

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at 02:06pm November 26 2013
infamous second son screens

So far we know Delsin has a range of powers in inFamous; Second Son and these new screens show his neon abilities in action. The main benefit seems to be a speed boost as well as prettier projectiles – because if you are going to die it’s comforting to think you looked good.

New inFamous: Second Son screens showcase Delsin’s powers and future-Seattle.

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at 09:43am November 12 2013

Delsin’s up to his old tricks in this fresh batch of inFamous: Second Son PS4 screens from Sucker Punch. Old tricks in this case being an impressive array of melee and projectile super powers that just happen to be a great way of showing off the lighting effects and all-round loveliness of PS4. It’s almost like… some kind of conspiracy. Like they’re watching us on CCTV all the time, and tapping our phones, and… alright, let’s just look at the pretty pictures.

InFamous: Second Son Gamescom screens – meet Fetch & the Knight

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at 03:47pm August 21 2013
inFamous Second Son gamescom PS4 screens

Some new inFamous: Second Screens have appeared showing Delsin in superpowered action and a new Conduit called Abigail Walker, also known as Fetch. One of the shots is also called ‘Knight Landing’ apparently naming a DUP guard class if that wasn’t already known.

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