Dead Nation coming to PS Vita this week, Cross-buy enabled for PS3 owners

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at 12:01pm April 15 2014
Dead Nation

Sony has announced that top-down zombie shooter Dead Nation will release on PS Vita this Wednesday 16th April, and owners of the PS3 version will get free access to it via the magic of Cross-Buy.

Resogun dev Housemarque teases new project “So good you almost forget how good the original was”

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at 09:53am April 9 2014

It appears Resogun studio Housemarque is on a mission to top the success of its last project. The dev’s Twitter account teased a new game – or possibly a new, improved edition of Resogun itself – that’l make the voxel-based PS4 smash hit obsolete.

Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition PS4 details – livestream viewers to vote on power ups

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at 10:54am February 28 2014
Dead Nation Apocalypse PS4 Edition

After Sony’s Asia Blog confirmed Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition for PS4 the EU Blog has followed up with details: it’s a fully remastered 1080p version for starters. Most interesting livestream viewers will be able to affect your game by voting on ‘effects’ to inflict on the player.

Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition confirmed for PS4 as March’s PS Plus game

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at 10:18am February 26 2014
Dead Nation PS4

The US PlayStation blog has confirmed Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition as one of March’s free PS Plus games for PS4. It comes after allegedly being outed in a leaked list of next month’s free line up.

Resogun developer working on DLC & “another PS4 project”, no PS Vita version planned yet

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at 12:54pm January 21 2014

Housemarque, the team behind Resogun, has another PS4 game in development. The studio revealed the second project on Facebook as well as confirming there’s some DLC on the way for its voxel shooter.

Resogun PS4 review – twin-stick shooter brings out the big guns

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at 02:00pm November 13 2013

When you complete a level in Resogun, the robot voice of the game’s announcer (Anne Droid, we’ll call her) emerges from the DualShock 4 in your hands and makes a simple observation: “Armageddon”. As gloomy a proposition as the end of the world may be – even the alien prison-colony one you’ve been whizzing about trying to free the last remnants of humanity – she sounds pleased. Apparently even synthetic beings dig firework displays.

Dead Nation review

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at 12:16pm September 14 2011
Dead Nation

When Z-Day finally arrives, not all of the world will be gripped by panic. Gamers everywhere will calmly rise from their bean bags, reach for something shooty and suppress the undead threat with mechanical efficiency, thanks to years of training. Zombie saturation point may be rapidly approaching, but this twin stick shooter is slick enough to maintain interest.

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