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The best GTA 5 GIFs on the internet so far

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at 03:45pm October 23 2013
GTA 5 PS3 review screens grand theft auto

Incredibly, there are some GIFs out there that aren’t of Miley Cyrus licking things. We even managed to dig up a few from GTA V that demonstrate the many glitches, incredible feats, moments of parkour perfection, and frankly vulgar acts of violence in Rockstar’s open world blockbuster. Enter our curated collection and wonder at the power of the moving image.

GTA 5 – how to make money on the stock market with Lester’s missions

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at 12:31pm October 14 2013
GTA 5 lester

Depending on how you play it’s possible to make over 2 billion playing on the stock market in GTA 5 with Lester’s missions. This guide requires that you’ve finished the main story so there are going to be spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

10 of the best GTA 5 selfies yet – the funny, the weird, the just plain wrong

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at 04:08pm October 11 2013
GTA 5 Online selfies

Thanks to a Reddit user we now have a collection of the best GTA 5 selfies around. And by ‘best’ I mean weird, impossible and unsavoury. Like the one where Michael’s parked a motorbike on his wife’s head. While she’s in bed.Or the one where Trevor… Oh, Trevor.

GTA 5 becomes PSN’s biggest selling game ever, already beating GTA 4′s lifetime sales at retail

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at 05:37pm October 7 2013
GTA 5 ps3 review grand theft auto

There are no numbers given but GTA 5 is now the biggest selling game on the PSN Store, beating the record briefly held by The Last Of Us. It’s also already overtaken the total lifetime sales for GTA 4.

9 GTA 5 secrets & Easter eggs you don’t need 100% completion to see

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at 02:24pm October 7 2013
GTA 5 ghost

100% GTA 5 and an amazing conspiracy unfolds. But what if you haven’t got the time or motivation to do everything? Well, there are plenty of secrets you don’t need to finish the game for…

GTA 5 voice actors hit back at glamourising violence accusations: “the hypocricy drives me mad”

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at 03:35pm October 4 2013
GTA 5 Cast

The voice actors who play Trevor, Franklin and Michael and GTA 5 have addressed several accusations about the game made by media outlets, including one of the loudest – that it glamourises violence.

Patch released for GTA Online on PS3 – does it work for you?

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at 11:47am October 4 2013
GTA 5 ps3 review grand theft auto

Okay, cross your fingers, but GTA Online might just be fixed now. Rockstar’s just put out an update on PS3 that fixes a list of issues that have been preventing players from accessing the online mode altogether or kicking them out mid-game.

GTA 5 time lapse video is hypnotic, beautiful

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at 04:05pm October 3 2013
GTA 5 ps3 review grand theft auto

Sometimes you get so caught up in Trevor, Michael and Franklin’s daily chores (amusement rides, tow truck gigs, serious felonies) that you begin to take for granted how varied and atmospheric Los Santos is. This time lapse video is a great way to remind you how utterly distinct each time and place feels. It’s oddly soothing.

Rockstar releases another update on GTA Online issues – servers limiting number of concurrent users

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at 02:54pm October 3 2013
GTA 5 ps3 review grand theft auto

There’s been another update from Rockstar on the status of GTA Online and its launch problems. Courtesy of the Rockstar support site, which must be enjoying more traffic than it’s seen in years, here’s the latest.

Story mode fixes incoming in today’s GTA 5 update, GTA Online issues still present

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at 03:07pm October 2 2013
GTA 5 the first hour

Rockstar will be releasing an automatic update today that fixes a number of story mode issues, which should at least keep us all a little sweeter until GTA online’s teething troubles are dealth with.

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