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Official GTA 5 trailer goes live – watch it here & get excited

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at 04:26pm August 29 2013

Here’s that official GTA 5 trailer from Rockstar that went live at 4pm. You can watch it here and prepare an appropriate level of excitement in response. It’s exactly what you might expect: chaos, carnage, bank heists, cars and parachuting.

GTA 5 gameplay video: 8 features that will see the Los Santos caper crowned sandbox king

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at 11:23am July 10 2013

Whether its tinkering with your car, getting a tattoo or hiring a wheelman for a bank heist, here are some of the most exciting features from the GTA 5 gameplay trailer that have us gagging for a slice of Los Santos.

Watch the new GTA 5 trailers here, 4pm Tuesday – Michael. Franklin. Trevor.

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at 04:08pm April 29 2013
Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 5.01.21 PM

Watch the new GTA 5 trailers here at 4pm Tuesday. I’ve embedded the Rockstar stream so They’ll be good to go as soon as it’s live. There’s not a lot more info apart from the words “Michael. Franklin. Trevor.” Chances are it’ll be a separate trailer for each character then focusing on what makes them different.

New GTA 5 KIFFLOM trailer reveals Epsilon leader Cris Formage. More in “one week’s time”

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at 05:54pm April 22 2013
gta 5 trailer

A new trailer for GTA 5′s fictional religious cult, The Epsilon Program, shows off a tiny bit of in-game footage as well as what presumably is its leader, Cris Formage.

Watch GTA 5 trailer 2 here – what does the second coming reveal?

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at 09:36am November 13 2012
GTA 5 Trailer 2

You can officially start to get excited for the GTA 5 trailer now as Rockstar have provided a this handy countdown thingy.

GTA 5 trailer 2 dated for Nov 14th

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at 10:51am November 6 2012
GTA 5 trailer 2

Rockstar have announced that the previously leaked second GTA 5 trailer will be coming next Wednesday the 14th. Get your excitement hats on, then.

GTA 5 watch the trailer NOW!

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at 04:07pm November 2 2011


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