GTA 5 screens

GTA 5 review screens – new shots of the game in action

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at 03:00pm September 16 2013
GTA 5 ps3 review grand theft auto

Okay, so the big news is our GTA 5 review & gameplay video over here. But to help things along Rockstar have also released even more GTA 5 screens so you can get a good look at the game assuming Amazon didn’t send you a copy on Saturday. Embargos!

New GTA 5 screens show new missions & customisation options

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at 05:50pm September 3 2013
GTA 5 screens

Here’s a few new GTA 5 screens showing the gang with a variety of different clothes, hair and beards and a couple of missions, including that underwater/submarine one and a new showdown between Franklin and the police.

GTA 5 site updates – new screens & info: Los Santos Country Club, Blazing Tattoo & yoga instructor, Fabien LaRouche

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at 03:39pm August 23 2013
Gta 5 ps3 screen

GTA 5′s updated its site with some new info and screens covering the general game as well as Los Santos Country Club, Ink Inc and Blazing Tattoo tattoo parlors and potential sex pest yoga instructor, Fabien LaRouche.

GTA 5 online – 50 multiplayer screens to pick apart

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at 04:25pm August 15 2013
GTA 5 online multiplayer screens PS3

So GTA 5′s online trailer has been revealed and the multiplayer is huge. More an MMO than a series of deathmatchs, there’s everything from heists to pull and flats to rent, plus a content creation system. Here’s a ton of screens full of all the fine details to digest.

New GTA 5 screens look like a millionaire crim’s Instagram

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at 03:09pm August 14 2013
NEW GTA 5 screens

Here’s another fresh batch of GTA 5 screens to ogle over after the GTA 5 screens revealed yesterday as part of the update to the Grand Theft Auto 4 website which now offers a guide to both Los Santos & Blaine County.

27 new GTA 5 screens features Lovefist, Ammunation, big choppers & plenty of awesome

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at 04:52pm July 29 2013
New GTA 5 ps3 screens

Jesus, Rockstar. 27 new screens out of the blue and almost all of them sort of amazing. First up Love fist and Ammunation appear, as do a Cargobob-like Marine chopper. There are also what look like some character customisation options and mission details in there too.

GTA 5 gameplay video: 8 features that will see the Los Santos caper crowned sandbox king

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at 11:23am July 10 2013

Whether its tinkering with your car, getting a tattoo or hiring a wheelman for a bank heist, here are some of the most exciting features from the GTA 5 gameplay trailer that have us gagging for a slice of Los Santos.

GTA 5 gameplay video freeze-frame – 93 screens exposing the finer details

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at 04:54pm July 9 2013
gta 5 ps3 gameplay screen

So you’ve see the GTA 5 gameplay video? Notice it was on PS3? Good. Now here’s a ton of GTA 5 screens showing the finer details: in-game economy, character customisation, combat and a hint of multiplayer.

First GTA 5 gameplay trailer “on its way” according to Rockstar. Also hints at heavily customisable weapons and a multiplayer reveal

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at 03:51pm July 2 2013

Rockstar has released tantalising new details on GTA 5 via its newswire. Among the Los Santos headlines are tidbits that an official GTA 5 gameplay video will be released soon, a few scant details about multiplayer in GTA 5 and the news you won’t be able to off one of the three leads using another character. Uh, good to know… we guess.

New GTA 5 screens from E3 to celebrate Sony’s PS3 bundle

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at 06:46pm June 11 2013
GTA 5 PS3 Bundle E3 screens

Rockstar have released the new GTA 5 screens shown at Sony’s E3 conference as part of the PS3 GTA 5 PS3 bundle. The exclusive bundle includes a PS3, the game, headphones and “custom audio mode”.

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