GTA 5 release date

GTA 5 release date confirmed/delayed – September 17. Wait, what?

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at 03:14pm January 31 2013
GTA 5 release date delayed

Rockstar have confirmed the GTA 5 release date as September 17, 2013, a delay from the the original Spring window. In a statement it states, “We know this is about four months later than originally planned and we know that this short delay will come as a disappointment to many of you”. They are not kidding.

GTA 5 release date 17th of May say Asda

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at 11:27am November 16 2012
GTA 5 release date

Whether it’s a lucky guess or accidental confirmation Asda are listing the GTA 5 release date as the 17th of May, adding a “182 days to go” countdown for confirmation.

GTA 5 Spring 2013 release date confirmed by Rockstar with new art

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at 04:37pm October 30 2012
GTA 5 release date

Rockstar have finally confirmed all the GTA 5 release date leaks with a new piece of art categorically stating Spring 2013.

GTA 5 release date confirmed by new leaked art. New characters revealed

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at 10:57am October 30 2012
GTA 5 release date leaked art

A new batch of art has confirmed GTA 5′s Spring release date. The art is from a UK source this time but matches the previous material which leaked from Poland.

GTA 5 posters leak Spring release date & new character art. Also: dog!

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at 10:37am October 28 2012
GTA 5 release date leaked by posters

Images of what appear to be a GTA 5 retail poster have leaked online with a Spring 2013 release date for the Rockstar game. The poster also shows a new piece of character art in the same style as the recent Pest Control GTA 5 art.

GTA 5 release date in March says Gamestop

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at 12:14pm October 11 2012
GTA 5 release date

A GTA 5 release date has apparently been set by retailer Gamestop for the first of March 2013.

GTA 5 release date and platforms “TBA” in “full development & showing substantial progress.”

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at 09:28pm July 31 2012
GTA 5 PS3 screens

Take Two’s Earnings Conference Call is still a few minutes away but the company has released a pres release outlining it’s content. Crucially GTA 5′s release date and platforms are still “TBA”

GTA 5′s release date could be announced tonight

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at 03:11pm July 31 2012
GTA 5 release date

Take Two (who own Rockstar) are making their “Earnings Conference Call” today and there’s a strong chance GTA 5′s release date could be announced as a result.

GTA 5 release date set for March 2013?

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at 04:34pm January 18 2012

Mayday! Mayday! Max Payne 3 delayed! That, and we’re about to crash land on a tropical island with a smoke beastie. Actually, we mean May day, as it’s becoming increasingly clear this is when GTA publisher Take Two likes to release it’s big hitters. See Red Dead in 2010, La Noire last year or, of course, Mr. Payne’s new May 15th launch date. In line with the monologue-loving cop’s tardiness,…

GTA 5 release date confirmed? – the trailer conspiracy begins…

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at 04:07pm November 3 2011
GTA 5 ps3 releaae date

There are tenuous links, then there are tenuous links. Twitter user @JOAOAOAO_Mario tweeted us last night with the theory that GTA 5 will be out on the 24 of May, or 2405. That number’s apparently significant compared to any of the others in the Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer because the song used in the trailer, Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake by Small Faces, was released on the album of the same name on May 24, 1968 – 24/05.  I guess you could…

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