35 Grand Theft Auto facts – the best secrets from Rockstar’s legendary crime-’em-up series

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at 11:32am September 27 2013
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Rockstar North is notoriously secretive when it comes to Grand Theft Auto, drip-feeding information and rarely granting interviews to the press. But with a series as popular and long-running as this, some things are always bound to slip through the net. We celebrate gaming’s most famous series by unveiling all the stuff you may have missed from previous games: development secrets, trivia, in-jokes, pop culture references, and stories from the franchise’s rich 18-year history. From the fascinating to the absolutely absurd, this is the untold history of Grand Theft Auto.

GTA 3 heading to PSN this summer

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at 10:37am July 27 2012

To wet your whistle for GTA V’s arrival, the PS2 classic Grand Theft Auto 3 will be arriving on PSN this summer. Still remember the tank cheat? Time for some nostalgic sociopathic rampaging.

GTA 3 – 10 Year Anniversary competition

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at 02:07pm January 10 2012
GTA 3 -10 year anniversary

With all this talk of GTA 5 lately, it’s easy to forget it’s been ten whole years since the release of Rockstar’s GTA 3.  Yup, you are now 3650 days older than you were when you dived into Liberty City on your PS2 with all those weapons cheats memorised.  And you don’t look a day over that 18 rating, honest. With not even a sniff of a release date for…

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