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GRID 2 PS3 review – influential racing series offers one more for the road

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at 02:26pm May 28 2013
GRID 2 ps3 review

When this lofty racer’s prequel arrived like some sort of clever car simile in 2008, it sculpted the shape and form of racing on this generation. If every game since hasn’t nabbed its Flashbacks, HUD indicators showing tailing opponents, and team management component, it’s only because it’d be so flippin’ obvious if they did. So when Grid 2 arrives in a shorter skirt, promising much the same only now with…

Grid 2′s Special Edition costs £125,000, comes with a BAC Mono

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at 10:00am May 24 2013

Yeah, you read that right. Codemasters has just announced its beyond opulent Special Edition of Grid 2, which comes with a flipping BAC Mono decked out in Grid livery, a day at the BAC factory, a helmet and race suit, and a PlayStation 3. It’s available at Game now, and it costs £125,000, making it the most expensive videogame ever. And you thought the Resi leather jacket was bad.

GRID 2 teaser trailer gives you the tiniest glimpse of new car, track

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at 05:00pm February 8 2013

Here’s a new GRID 2 video from Codemasters which gives you the car equivalent of a burlesque show – a flash of an Alpha Romeo Giulietta here, the briefest glimpse of the RedBull Ring (previously the A1 ring) there… then nothing. Darkness. Oh, and a polite reminder to preorder the thing before it’s released on May 31st. You know, it’s not a crazy idea. We’ve played the game, and we’re big fans.

GRID 2 screens and info: May 31st release date, plus 2 pre-order cars & tracks

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at 03:04pm January 31 2013
Grid 2 release date and special edition pre-order

Codemasters have announced a May 31st release date for racer GRID 2 along with some pre-order Special Edition DLC cars and tracks at Game.

GRID 2 preview – “players are going to feel as immersed as a real driver”

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at 03:42pm September 7 2012

We negotiate the many-chicaned, breakneck roads that lead towards Codemasters HQ and give you the skinny on GRID 2, PS3′s most exciting racing game in development. And maybe – if we all hold our breath and pray to the gods of burned rubber – the first game ever to recieve 10/10 in OPM.

GRID 2 announced: hands on and details. Summer 2013 release date

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at 08:00am August 8 2012

After a four year absence, Codemasters’ premier racier GRID 2 is heading back to PS3 – but has the extended wait for its return been worth it?

GRID 2 PS3 announcement screens

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at 08:00am August 8 2012

Here are the first GRID 2 announcement screens for Codemasters racing sim sequel.

GRID 2 announcement coming? Screens & date added to Facebook

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at 02:46pm August 6 2012
Grid 2

GRID’s Facebook page has recently been updated with a screen and date, suggesting a GRID 2 sequel announcement is on the way.

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